from businesses to NHS Staff

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05 Jul 2020 "Hi this is Robert from Rjg automotive saying thanks your support through this these difficult times and hope to keep you all moving safely on the roads we will support you if you support us at Rjg to keeping you on the road safe and sound " - Rjgautomotive , Chest

05 Jul 2020 "Everyone at Sport Education Swim School admires and appreciates the incredible hard work all the staff at the NHS do, both before, during and post Corona Virus. Stay safe all of you." - Sport Education Swim School Ltd, Bristol

04 Jul 2020 "Huge thank you to everyone for everything you do to keep us all safe and well. You are our true super heroes x" - Dollimore Photography, Chester

04 Jul 2020 "Thank you for all your efforts working to help us beat this virus. You are all greatly appreciated by everyone here at Simply CBD Wales. Thank you " - Simply Hemp Extracts , Swansea

03 Jul 2020 "You are Super Heros! Thank you for all your hard work, you all do a brilliant job! Lots of love from Diana at dizaTIARAS" - dizaTIARAS, Grangemouth

03 Jul 2020 "Thank you for all the support you have give us during this unprecidented time - The Holistic List" - Dochsa Holsitc List, Coventry

03 Jul 2020 "Here at Modern Martial Arts, we have a team of fabulous instructors that also have key worker positions in their everyday lives. Two of our team are nurses, one a dedicated ICU nurse and they have both been working on highly dangerous covid ICU units for many long hours and days during the crisis. Two other members of the team work for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, one manning the 999 phone service and another on the front line attending many, many covid patients whilst this has been going on. Then we have several teachers and school assistants that have all had to play their part during this pandemic, working tirelessly from both home and school to ensure that children still get as good an education as possible whilst the pandemic had been at its worst. As if this wasn't enough, several of them also enlisted as NHS volunteers and/or worked with foodbanks, delivering essential food and care packages to the most needy and vulnerable members of society. We just want to say we are blessed to have such an amazing team, some of whom have risked their own lives; for months now. Every single day they have gone to work. Thank you from all the Team and all the students at Modern Martial Arts. " - Modern Martial Arts, Barnsley

03 Jul 2020 "THANK YOU NHS" - Ashutosh, Harrow

03 Jul 2020 "ICCO pizza would like to thank each and every member of the NHS who have helped past, present and future. You are the real heroes and we are proud of you. We have been delivering pizzas throughout the pandemic to the frontline and seeing their smiling faces both receiving and eating these pizzas has brought such joy to our faces. Lots of love, Team ICCO" - ICCO pizza, London

03 Jul 2020 "Thank you for everything you have always done and everything you continue to do, a clap is not enough you are amazing." - State of Distress, Ruthin

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My grandson Sam at Fulwell infants Sunderland Image added by Julie Booth

I made them Manchester Image added by Lee west

BIRMINGHAM CHILDRENS HOSPITAL (Oncology/Haematology) Birmingham Image added by Sarah Broadmore

NHS 111 London

Uxbridge Uxbridge Image added by Ms

Dundee Image added by Lorna Strachan

Dundee Image added by Lorna Strachan