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01 Dec 2020 " thanks all key workers for their continued efforts at this difficult time and beyond. Check us out and use code NHS30 to get a very special year round discount for you and your colleagues." - Touchpoint Europe, Newent

06 Nov 2020 "A huge thank you to everyone across the NHS for all of your tireless service, selfless sacrifice, unwavering support and unconditional love." - Boutique by Nice & Naughty, Warrington

04 Nov 2020 "Thank you nhs staff ,Always had great respect for you but even more now with the coronavirus. From all at the Curtain workroom & Fabric Warehouse" - Curtain Fabric Warehouse Online, Leeds

04 Nov 2020 "We know the next few weeks are going to be tough so here at Sommio we want to do what we can. A weighted blanket may just be the answer to helping with stress, anxiety and insomnia. A big THANK YOU again to all the people working in the NHS." - Sommio Limited, Salisbury

01 Nov 2020 "Very many thanks to your community service in these desperate times. These screenprints could put a smile on your face - please browse here: and use code NHS to claim 25% off. Again, many thanks for all you do. John Reynolds, print-maker" - Comic Art Ltd, London

30 Oct 2020 "Thank you! We know you've got our backs and are really grateful. The PERCKO Team" - PERCKO, London

30 Oct 2020 "In light of the difficult times we as NHS Staff are facing I cannot thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics, Technicians, cfr's and support staff in all departments of all NHS Trusts. One day we will be back to normal. But I cannot emphasise the importance of wearing our ppe whilst on duty and off duty. Keep safe and keep well. Andrew From AW Security, Corby (cfr for emas)" - AW Security, Corby

29 Oct 2020 "Thank you for everything you do. Not just during this pandemic, but every day!" - Albion Forest Mortgages, Southampton

29 Oct 2020 "a sincere thanks for all your hard work and sacrifices you are making to keep public safe." - Laundry Lounge, Plymouth

18 Sep 2020 "To ALL those working for the NHS, thank you for your dedication and commitment. Please make sure you are taking care of yourselves too. There is to be a special thank you from the residents of Abbotsbury Dorset at St Catherines Chapel on 22 November 2020 when the hill will be lit up with candle bags in the shape of a Catherines wheel with the letters NHS in the middle. You are all amazing. Thank you for everything." - Purple Nanny, Bridport

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My grandson Sam at Fulwell infants Sunderland Image added by Julie Booth

I made them Manchester Image added by Lee west

BIRMINGHAM CHILDRENS HOSPITAL (Oncology/Haematology) Birmingham Image added by Sarah Broadmore

NHS 111 London

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Dundee Image added by Lorna Strachan