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22 Jan 2021 "Offering NhS staff the warmest of wishes for the amazing things they do! Happy to offer advice on how driving instructs can help and the current processes involved. " - LiveDrive School of Motoring , Carluke

22 Jan 2021 "Rookery Bridal want to say a Huge Thank You to all NHS staff working through the current Covid-19 pandemic. We really appreciate everything you are doing to keep us all safe at this time." - Rookery Bridal, AXBRIDGE

21 Jan 2021 "Thank you for all you are doing!" - Quantock Financial Services Ltd, Taunton

21 Jan 2021 "We salute all those working in the NHS and send you our virtual love & hugs during such a tremendously difficult period. Thank you all so much." - Creased Cards, Brighton

21 Jan 2021 "A huge thank you to all the key workers and NHS staff. You are all angels. Your dedication is truly amazing, thank you for helping all those that need it not just in the times of a crisis such as this, but each and every day. Stay safe, stay well. Julie at Holistic Zone in Poole, Dorset." - Holistic Zone, Poole

12 Jan 2021 "Keep going it will soon be over. One day at a time. One complication at a time. The tempo of ops sometimes gives us no time to think if you can do one thing today, stop, take a big deep breath, bring your shoulders up to your ears and as you breath out make it a big sigh and drop your shoulders and smile. For your day they gave their tomorrow. Thank you for your service. " - TLS Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy Ltd , Gloucester

29 Dec 2020 "Thank you for all the sacrifices you're making and we truly appreciate everything. You're amazing." - TCS Training IT Ltd, Fareham

22 Dec 2020 "Well Done to all NHS & Key Workers you are doing an amazing job, keep it up! Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To All! Regards Team Wipeout (Providing The NHS With Staff Uniform)" - Wipeout Creations Ltd, Swansea

14 Dec 2020 "I know the stress and anxiety that comes from the amazing work you do is impacting your own well-being. Our offer is to you to say thank you for looking after the nation who fall ill, at these unprecedented times." - TRE UK Ltd, Kent

06 Nov 2020 "A huge thank you to everyone across the NHS for all of your tireless service, selfless sacrifice, unwavering support and unconditional love." - Boutique by Nice & Naughty, Warrington

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My grandson Sam at Fulwell infants Sunderland Image added by Julie Booth

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BIRMINGHAM CHILDRENS HOSPITAL (Oncology/Haematology) Birmingham Image added by Sarah Broadmore

NHS 111 London

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Dundee Image added by Lorna Strachan

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