31 Jan 2021 " A huge heartfelt thank you to all NHS staff continuing to work so hard for our health and safety in these difficult times. Carol Maguire Yoga " - Carol Maguire Yoga, Leonard Stanley

28 Jan 2021 "Thank you all for your selfless dedication and going far beyond just doing your job. " - RB Business Consultancy, Heswall,

27 Jan 2021 "With heartfelt thanks to all NHS Staff. You're amazing! Alexandra Simson @ Sound-Well, Somerset" - Sound-Well, Minehead

27 Jan 2021 "Dear NHS staff I want to Thank You all in the NHS for being Brave, Selfless and above all Humane. We (most people) do not know or appreciate how fortunate we are to have angels looking after us in times of need. You are the Strongest link. Chris Bell - Excusive Financial " - Exclusive Financial Mortgages, London

26 Jan 2021 "Thank you, everyone that is involved in caring for all patients and their families during these difficult times. I am so grateful to everyone of you. Helen, Edinburgh " - Helen Martin Bowen Technique & Yoga Teacher , Edinburgh

25 Jan 2021 "we are open for all key workers" - Halfway house country lodge inn, Yeovil

22 Jan 2021 "Offering NhS staff the warmest of wishes for the amazing things they do! Happy to offer advice on how driving instructs can help and the current processes involved. " - LiveDrive School of Motoring , Carluke

21 Jan 2021 "Thank you for all you are doing!" - Quantock Financial Services Ltd, Nationwide

21 Jan 2021 "We salute all those working in the NHS and send you our virtual love & hugs during such a tremendously difficult period. Thank you all so much." - Creased Cards, Brighton

12 Jan 2021 "Keep going it will soon be over. One day at a time. One complication at a time. The tempo of ops sometimes gives us no time to think if you can do one thing today, stop, take a big deep breath, bring your shoulders up to your ears and as you breath out make it a big sigh and drop your shoulders and smile. For your day they gave their tomorrow. Thank you for your service. " - TLS Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy Ltd , Gloucester

29 Dec 2020 "Thank you for all the sacrifices you're making and we truly appreciate everything. You're amazing." - TCS Training IT Ltd, Fareham

14 Dec 2020 "I know the stress and anxiety that comes from the amazing work you do is impacting your own well-being. Our offer is to you to say thank you for looking after the nation who fall ill, at these unprecedented times." - TRE UK Ltd, Kent

06 Nov 2020 "A huge thank you to everyone across the NHS for all of your tireless service, selfless sacrifice, unwavering support and unconditional love." - Boutique by Nice & Naughty, Warrington

04 Nov 2020 "Thank you nhs staff ,Always had great respect for you but even more now with the coronavirus. From all at the Curtain workroom & Fabric Warehouse" - Curtain Fabric Warehouse Online, Leeds

04 Nov 2020 "We know the next few weeks are going to be tough so here at Sommio we want to do what we can. A weighted blanket may just be the answer to helping with stress, anxiety and insomnia. A big THANK YOU again to all the people working in the NHS." - Sommio Limited, Salisbury

30 Oct 2020 "Thank you! We know you've got our backs and are really grateful. The PERCKO Team" - PERCKO, London

30 Oct 2020 "In light of the difficult times we as NHS Staff are facing I cannot thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics, Technicians, cfr's and support staff in all departments of all NHS Trusts. One day we will be back to normal. But I cannot emphasise the importance of wearing our ppe whilst on duty and off duty. Keep safe and keep well. Andrew From AW Security, Corby (cfr for emas)" - AW Security, Corby

29 Oct 2020 "Thank you for everything you do. Not just during this pandemic, but every day!" - Teacher Mortgages, Southampton

29 Oct 2020 "a sincere thanks for all your hard work and sacrifices you are making to keep public safe." - Laundry Lounge, Plymouth

18 Sep 2020 "To ALL those working for the NHS, thank you for your dedication and commitment. Please make sure you are taking care of yourselves too. There is to be a special thank you from the residents of Abbotsbury Dorset at St Catherines Chapel on 22 November 2020 when the hill will be lit up with candle bags in the shape of a Catherines wheel with the letters NHS in the middle. You are all amazing. Thank you for everything." - Purple Nanny, Bridport

17 Sep 2020 "As a THANK YOU for your wonderful work, Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments are offering NHS staff a discount on stays at Harrogate Lifestyle Luxury Serviced Apartments in North Yorkshire. Terms and conditions: Only available to NHS staff through the NHS Staff discounts site. Please login to the NHS staff promotions page to discover the Promotional Code exclusive to NHS Staff in Harrogate. The promo code listed for Harrogate Lifestyle Apartments must be applied at the time of making your reservation and your booking must be made through our website to qualify for this offer. " - Harrogate Lifestyle Luxury 4 star Serviced Apartments, Harrogate

17 Sep 2020 "Just to say thank you for your hard work , we will like to offer 20%OFF, from your service, please mention this offer when you book your appointment. Many thanks. Antonio Delgado Team " - Antonio Delgado Hairdressing , Brighton

25 Aug 2020 "To ALL those working for the NHS, thank you for your dedication and commitment, most especially over the last few months. We hope you're taking the time to look after yourselves too!" - Natural Options Nutrition Ltd, Thornton-Cleveleys

19 Aug 2020 "To all NHS staff, "Thank you for everything." from Eleanor and her fur baby Mia. " - Castle View Guest House, Inverness

18 Aug 2020 "Thank you for everything you have sacrificed to take care of loved ones " - InfoBest, Southend on Sea

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NHS Staff Comments

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23 Jan 2023: " This Autocentre is located in Burton On Trent. It offers tyres, MOT's, repairs and servicing for all types of vehicles. They have adapted the way they work to protect customers and staff from Covid-...", Gwendolyn, Pharmacy Technician - Eden Tyres & Servicing, Burton On Trent

23 Jan 2023: " I really appreciate that tpm online is offering a 15% NHS discount. It's really nice to know that there are businesses out there that are willing to support healthcare workers like me. I'm currently...", Nina, Mental Health Nurse - Training Plus (Merseyside) Limited, Liverpool

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20 Jan 2023: " Carpet Cleaning London Pro is a company that provides professional carpet cleaning services at an affordable price. They have experienced and professional cleaners who are reference checked, intervi...", Dylan, Healthcare Assistant - carpet cleaning london pro, Bexleyheath

20 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Tina and I'm a Mental Health Support Worker. I work for Mental Health in Walsall, providing counselling and psychotherapy services. We offer an NHS discount of £35.00 per session fee ...", Tina, Mental Health Support Worker - Kim Burns, Walsall

15 Jan 2023: " Wow! That sounds really cool! I've never heard of a window cleaning company using purified water before. It's so nice that Lions of London offers an NHS discount too. That's really awesome!...", Casey, Pharmacy Technician - Lions Of London, London

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15 Jan 2023: " Hello everyone, my name is Fiona and I am a Community Mental Health Nurse. I understand how important it is for NHS staff to get around London quickly and safely. That's why I'm so glad to have foun...", Fiona, Community Mental Health Nurse - Tracks Minicabs & Taxi Service, London

15 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Linda and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. I heard about Gleam Pristine window cleaning in Doncaster and they said they give NHS workers a 20% discount which sounds really great! I think it...", Linda, Pharmacy Technician - Gleam Pristine, Doncaster

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14 Jan 2023: " Hi! My name is Hazel and I'm a Community Mental Health Nurse. I wanted to find a face covering that would protect me when I'm working with my patients, so I found Virustatic Shield! It's really cool...", Hazel, Community Mental Health Nurse. - Virustatic Shield, London

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