22 Jun 2021 "I just want to say how much I appreciate your heroism over the last year... it has been a crazy time for us all but you guys have been our rock. As a wedding photographer ALL my business disappeared and there was nothing to replace it for me... and as we move toward more normality with weddings returning I feel like things are still tough for the NHS staff and you are still on the long road to the finish line. Under-appreciated by the government when it comes to pay but in all of our hearts all the time. A HUGE thank you to all you amazing staff at the NHS; we would not have survived without you. The glue of the UK for sure. x" - Swinky Photography, Deal

21 Jun 2021 "What an Unbelevable job you do that's why I'm giving you 15% discount on our Holiday let. Take a look at Web Site " - Villamartin plaza Apartments, Alicante

13 Jun 2021 "If you feel stressed and under pressure, at the healing temple we help you to release blockages and relief stress and anxiety using holistic healing approach. Try our holistic massage and techniques to instant relieve anxiety. " - The Healing Temple Studio, Aylesbury

10 Jun 2021 "Scuttlr truly supports all of our NHS Hero's. You rose above & beyond the challenge, as always! We love you all." - Scuttlr, London

05 May 2021 "We support the NHS." - PMC Telecom, Whitefield

29 Apr 2021 "Thank you to all of the NHS Staff you all make this country a safer place to Live [email protected]" - After Hours Creative Ltd, Bude

28 Apr 2021 "What you have continued to do each and every day, at personal cost to yourselves and your loved ones, is beyond measure or comparison. Your dedication will endure in our memories of those we have lost and those who are still with us today. Thank you. From [email protected] " - Primrose and Ginger , London

26 Apr 2021 "We have a few family members and friends who have been working on the NHS frontline over the past year, and we know how hard you're working! It's not much but we just wanted to say thank you for all of your amazing hard work! ??" - Giftbubble, Plymouth

26 Apr 2021 "Thank you NHS staff for all that you have done during this pandemic! Kind regards, Karen Divorty Photography" - Karen Divorty, Leamington Spa

20 Apr 2021 "We want to say a BIG thank you to all NHS and keyworkers for all their hard work and dedication over the last year. We are so grateful for all your relentless hard work & care - Thank you from Blue Basil Brownies team" - Bluebasil Brownies, Warwick

29 Mar 2021 "The entire Land of Rugs team are incredibly thankful for the work our amazing NHS (and other care workers) do, day in day out, especially in these difficult times which we are seeing at the moment! The work you have done during these past 12 months has been nothing short of heroic... We are so, so grateful." - Land of Rugs, Derby

28 Mar 2021 "As an NHS Nurse who has worked throughout Covid and been (so far) lucky enough to not have had any time off. I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to my colleagues of all our continued hard work. It's not much, but the impact of a high BMI and risk with covid is another reason I'm making this offer. Please all stay safe ??" - one 2 one diet Yvonne, Rayleigh

25 Mar 2021 "I just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all NHS staff for their relentless dedicated work and caring for us all. Don't forget to look after yourselves. Best wishes, Clearer Minds Therapy" - Clearer Minds Therapy, Sunderland

22 Mar 2021 "We know NHS Staff over the last year have had a very challenging time. Everyone at Stratton Lane Brewery would like to thank you all for your hard work and determination. " - Stratton Lane Brewery & Tap Room, Winchester

19 Mar 2021 "A huge thank you to all the wonderful people who work for our NHS. You should all be so proud of yourselves as we at Highpoint Media are." - Highpoint Media Web Designers, Chorley

18 Mar 2021 "Sean at SOS Entertainment wants to send a personal message of support and appreciation to NHS staff for they way they've taken care of his mum. Her condition isn't Covid-related, but has been ongoing throughout the pandemic and all the medics involved have been there for her, and the family, throughout. Thank you NHS." - SOS Entertainment, Rye

17 Mar 2021 "We appreciate all you have done and would like to show our gratitude by creating some memorable and fun-filled experiences for you! Thank you! From us all at OA Surf Club x" - OA Surf Club, Bude

01 Mar 2021 "Hopefully our words will live up to your actions. We are absolutely humbled by the sacrifices you make every day to keep all of us healthy, without judgement or questions. Whilst we've had to home school and work form home, you've still had to face danger at work and leave your children & partners exposed. Or be separated from family for months. We really, really appreciate all that you do! " - Made in: Here, Southampton

25 Feb 2021 "We are all in this together, but more so our fantastic NHS staff. " - Essentially Aloe, Barnsley

20 Feb 2021 "We would like to thank every one of you for keeping the country on its feet and running at this strange and difficult time. We are grateful for everything you do. Lots of love. The Fragrance World" - The Fragrance World, Liverpool

19 Feb 2021 "Barons BMW & Mini support our NHS Staff - you all do a wonderful job everyday " - Barons BMW and MINI, Bishops Stortford

17 Feb 2021 "We are grateful for you every day Thank you for all you're doing to help us to get through this dreadful virus. ... I think the NHS are the most amazing people . We are here to help and support in any way we can. Best regards A1 German car specialist " - A1 German car specialist, Stevenage

12 Feb 2021 "From each and every one of us at Citystay Apartments in Cambridge UK, we applaud each and every one of you amazing people within the NHS. You are all our unsung hero's and deserve the 8pm turnout every week! Keep Smiling, Keep Shining and above all hold your head's high, the whole country is so proud of you! :-) Citystay x " - CitystayUK Apartments, Cambridge

09 Feb 2021 "Thank you for everything you're doing for us. You have our support and gratitude. " - Cheadle Motor Body Builders, Stockport

31 Jan 2021 "NHS Staff over the last year have had a very challenging time. Richard Howden Photography would like to thank every one of you for your hard work and determination during this difficult time. It is by no means over and you are still there fighting to save lives. Each and everyone of you are Heros in my eyes, especially after my family were affected in a big way at the start, and I am so grateful for your continued efforts. Thank You. " - Howden Photography, Lauder

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