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22 May 2020 "Well as the rest of us grew fat on our sofa incarceration and felt rather hopeless as we watched from afar, clapping weekly. Thank you to the carers, the people who chose careers because they allowed compassion to be the driving force in their lifes. Lets hope that compassion is a virus too." - Gallery-Close, Edinburgh

22 May 2020 "The work you all do to help others to be healthy again is fantastic. " - Herbalife with Be Healthier, Godalming

22 May 2020 "Massive Thank You to the wonderful NHS staff throughout the UK who have gone beyond their call of duty to fight Covid 19. History will record these dark days to show our amazing NHS to be the very backbone of our beautiful country. We thank you ? Bed E Buys Bath " - Bed E Buys (1957) Ltd, Bath

22 May 2020 "You’re all a beacon of light in these troubled times for our country. You’re showing the rest of the world how we’re beating this. Thank you!" - Upper Wood End Farm B&B, Bedfordshire

21 May 2020 "HLC is committed to provide our services to All NHS patients including COVID19 patients. We will provide person centred support to all clients by developing support plans that are tailored around the needs of the individual." - HLC Care Agency Ltd, Northfleet

21 May 2020 "Thank you all from the surgeons to the cleaners and everyone in between for your dedication and sacrifice during this horrendous situation keep up the amazing work and dedication with humble thanks and gratitude Sam Debbie Kieran and Ian at Oldham Cleaning Company Carpet Cleaners" - oldham cleaning company, OLDHAM

21 May 2020 "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Lindores Stay " - Lindores - Stay Ride Relax, Newburgh

21 May 2020 "The dedication and commitment of the NHS staff at this time is above and beyond all normal calls of duty. Thank you for the work you are continuing to do on behalf of the community and we pray that you all stay safe." - Lily Bain Bathrooms & Tiles, Newry

21 May 2020 "Our very best wishes and heartfelt gratitude to all your hard working people on the front line in our Hospitals, Clinics, GP Surgeries, Ambulance and outreach services. You all deserve so much more recognition of your struggles in an increasingly difficult situation - one that you have to face day by day as it is without all this. Edwina Sleight. ES Mortgage Services" - E S Mortgage Services, Boston

19 May 2020 "On behalf of all the children, parents and key workers at PLANTOS DAY NURSERY in Cardiff... we sincerely thank you for all your dedication. THANK YOU [email protected] 02920 798 333" - PLANTOS, Cardiff

18 May 2020 "We'd like to thank everyone in the NHS for their dedication during the Covid-19 crisis. We have been fortunate as an organisation to not be affected by the virus so far and we have every confidence in our NHS if it happens to us." - North East Counselling Services, Gateshead

18 May 2020 "A massive thank you to each and every one of you working so hard in very difficult circumstances. It is very much appreciated. From All At Flamingo Bathrooms." - Flamingo Bathrooms Ltd, Edinburgh

16 May 2020 "we wanted to help all doctors, nurses and all staff in the NHS and say a massive thank you for the amazing work you all do each and every one of you have an important role to play, we have the best medical staff in the world and its thanks to the dedication and hard work you all do every day that makes you the best at what you do even without the COVID 19 but under the extreme pressure of this pandemic you are heros that saves lives all our love from Adam and everyone at Davidsons DPR " - Davidson dpr ltd, Carlisle

15 May 2020 "To Our NHS Heroes... The Team At Specialist Vehicle Rental & Mobility Vehicle Hire would very much like to thank you all for your relentless commitment & Hard work at this time. We stand united each Thursday & reflect on all that you do each day. When the time arrives we will celebrate your victory and dedication. Thank You! Mark Newman - Fleet Manager. " - Mobility Vehicle Hire, Birmingham

15 May 2020 "I have nothing but admiration for what you all do for people. Without our lovely nhs staff, there would be a lot of people missing in our lives. I can only thank you for your kindness, tenderness and soothing words you use to enhance patients recovery. Bless you and thank you for being you. God bless you all. Psychic Julie C " - Psychic Julie C star , Basingstoke

15 May 2020 "Thanks for what you are doing in this crucial time, Heroes. Stay safe and blessed. " - Social Followers, Brierley Hill

15 May 2020 "Thanks for what you are doing in this crucial time, Heroes. Stay safe and blessed. " - Social Followers, Brierley Hill

15 May 2020 "Thank you for the tremendous job that you do." - Lamberts Sales and Lettings, Redditch

15 May 2020 "BG Solicitors LLP understand the hard work and commitment the NHS Staff have and are undertaking. We would like to thank them and they have our full support." - BG Solicitors LLP, Grimsby

15 May 2020 "Thank you all for your incredible bravery, kindness and service. We are all indebted to you and are cheering you on through what must be a very scary and tough time. Thank you, thank you, thank you x" - James Croft, Westcott

15 May 2020 "At Combined Motors Limited we are so grateful to all of you key workers for looking after us in these unprecedented times. We think you are amazing, keep strong and safe all of you." - Combined Motors Limited, Northampton

14 May 2020 "Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. Without you, this country would collapse. You all should be so proud!" - Macro Removals, Bristol

14 May 2020 "Massive appreciation and support for all NHS workers everywhere, not just for now but for always and forever." - Loncherie, Farnham

14 May 2020 "For your commitment , dedication, energy and spirit of compassion , daily taking risks beyond that which is acceptable and creates intense concern for you and yours , thank you is insignificant and heartfelt . ??" - BodyMindTherapy Clinic ltd, Sheffield

14 May 2020 "Thanks for the amazing work you are all doing. Sending love to each one of you. El @ Perfect Definition Microblading, SMP, Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattoo" - Perfect Definition, London

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