03 Jul 2020 "Thank you so much for all your hard work during this pandemic you are true heroes" - Martins Cleaning Services Ltd, Exeter

03 Jul 2020 "Thank you to All Doctors, Nurses, And Staff for Help and Support you have given to Comunity kipping Them Healthy and fit With All Best Wishes to you and all and your family ENGLANDS PAPERS 49 ENGLANDS LANE London NW3 4YD 0207 7223230 10% DISCOUNT for All NHS STAFF " - Englands Papers, London

03 Jul 2020 "Thanks so much for everything...we're thinking of you all and giving a 10% discount to all NHS staff @WestStowPods!" - West Stow Pods, Bury St Edmunds

03 Jul 2020 "All Staff within the NHS thank you! As a former community nurse, who is now has a private clinic looking after people's feet, I really appreciate the hard work you have put in under difficult circumstances and at your own personal risk. If this pandemic has shown us anything it is just how vital all your services are! May we never forget. " - FeetWise-PJ, Braintree

03 Jul 2020 "With much appreciation to all the NHS staff who are working hard to keep the NHS going in extremely difficult conditions and many times at great personal cost to their own families. You are valued and appreciated although I know at times you do not feel it. Thank You." - Sarah Sloan Chiropractic, Belfast

03 Jul 2020 "Well done to each and every one of you for all your continued hard work. You are there for us no matter what comes along to challenge you. We will never stop thanking you. " - Caprice Bangor Ltd, Bangor

03 Jul 2020 "As keyworkers providing childcare for many NHS staff in Leicester, we want to say a huge thank you, for your amazing work and care. From all the team at Nursery Rhymes Leicester. " - Nursery Rhymes, Leicester

02 Jul 2020 "We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all NHS staff who have gone above and beyond to keep us all safe and well during these difficult times. You are all *superstars* and we thank you sincerely for all that you do." - Hall of Names, Taunton

29 Jun 2020 "A heartfelt thank you to all NHS staff for being there." - Teign Valley Counselling, Newton Abbot

25 Jun 2020 "Sending a heartfelt thanks to all health staff members for the dedication, care and support they provide to the communities especially during the coronavirus pandemic. You are the real every day heroes in that you selflessly and tirelessly put yourselves on the front line for each and every one of us." - Wycliffe Guest House, Folkestone

24 Jun 2020 "Thank you to all NHS staff for all the amazing, selfless work you do to keep us all healthy. We are all thankfull for all the hard work and long hours you do to look after our loved ones." - CameraWorld Ltd, Chelmsford

17 Jun 2020 "So much owed to so few people - Thank you so much for what you have done for the rest of us over the past 3-4 months - History has noted your sacrifice - we appreciate you all..." -, Dunstable

17 Jun 2020 "I know you think you're just doing your job and don't feel appreciated at times, but we all need you. We will all keep campaigning for better pay and more appreciation from government. xx" - Lilli Underwood, Eccles Aylesford

17 Jun 2020 "The Professional Cleaning Company would like to thank all NHS staff for their outstanding hard work, dedication and commitment throughout this difficult time. We understand the sacrifice, dedication and commitment it must take to fulfil your duties and on behalf of everyone at the professional cleaning company and our families we are extremely grateful and proud of every single one of you. Thank you x" - Professional Cleaning Company, Bristol

12 Jun 2020 "I'm of great admiration for the NHS and all of the workers. I would love to give something back by helping you to boost both your mental and physical well-being. " - LEP Fitness, Sheffield

11 Jun 2020 "Thank you for all your efforts to keep all of us healthy during this pandemic. Kind regards, Dr Iona Bramati PhD, BSc (Hons) Ost Med, ND, DO" - IBCcare, London

11 Jun 2020 "Many Thanks for your work and commitment each and everyone of you. P A Bennett Removals & Storage, Swansea." - P A Bennett Removals & Storage, Swansea

11 Jun 2020 "You continue each and every day to care for us all, at personal risk to yourselves and your families, is beyond measure or comparison. Your dedication will endure in our memories of those we lost and those who are still with us today. Bless Up with Many Thanks!! Vision Driver Training" - Vision Driver Training, WATFORD

11 Jun 2020 "Congratulations to all NHS staff for your dedication and professionalism. Without you, many of us would not be here today." - Pilgrim Hypnotherapy, Brentwood

11 Jun 2020 "Good job guys, nearly there now" - Dundee Blinds, Dundee

11 Jun 2020 "Thank you for all you are doing for our country, tirelessly saving lives and being there for humanity. We appreciate what you are doing, each and every one of you. Thank you from all at NutriVital Supplements to ALL NHS staff." - NutriVital Supplements Ltd, Uckfield

11 Jun 2020 "No words can describe your role through this pandemic, you are all the most important people in the UK, you all deserve a knighthood..." - Review Menswear/Hirewear, Stockton-on-tees

11 Jun 2020 "Once we can reopen the clinic. We will be providing FREE 20 minute foot or shoulder massages to all frontline staff. Just show your staff pass. T&C apply. Just book once we are open. Rougemont therapy centre. Hampshire. " - Rougemont Therapy Centre, Basingstoke

11 Jun 2020 "Please keep up the wonderful work you are carrying out at this very difficult time. You are forever in our thoughts. May God bless you all." - Atwell Wilson Motor Museum, Calne

11 Jun 2020 "We are proud to support our local Hospitals and NHS and have stayed open during the crisis with a resident Doctor from Stoke Manderville Hospital in Aylesbury during this time. Its been a pleasure and still is a pleasure looking after Dr Joseph during this diffcult time. Thanks you the the NHS for keeping us all safe. From the team at The Spread Eagle Hotel" - The Spread Eagle Hotel, Thame

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NHS Staff Comments

11 Jan 2023: " I used Daniel's Personal Training services because I wanted to get healthier and improve my fitness. He offered me a free one hour taster session and discounts on the packages, which made it easier ...", Jenna, Mental Health Support Worker - Bosfit Personal Trainer, Huddersfield

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10 Jan 2023: " This beauty salon is located in HA7 3DP and it looks like it's pretty close to the shopping center. It offers all kinds of Asthetics treatments and beauty at discounted prices for NHS members. It se...", Cecilia, Clinical Coder - La mirage laser clinic , HA7 3DP

10 Jan 2023: " This shop has some really cool leather pieces! They are all handmade by South American artisans and come in lots of different styles and colors. I think the quality is really good and the prices are...", Hanna, Mental Health Support Worker - Pampeano, Oxford

10 Jan 2023: " I'm Ivy, a pharmacy dispenser, and I think Mindfulness and Nature in Crewe is a great way to become more productive, creative and happier. I love the idea of using bonsai to help with mindfulness an...", Ivy, Pharmacy Dispenser. - The Happy Shrub, Crewe

10 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Martha and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. If you're looking for help with Payroll and IR35 Compliance in Portsmouth, then I can help! I work with a company that offers contractors and tem...", Martha, Pharmacy Technician - Genius Payroll Limited, Portsmouth

10 Jan 2023: " I used this business because they have a huge selection of delicious cakes! I love the fact that they have over 25 flavours to choose from, and even have cheesecakes for those who want something dif...", Dawn, Medical Records Clerk - The Cake Box, birmingham

09 Jan 2023: " I hate this place! The NHS discount isn't enough and the treatments are too expensive. They just want to take your money and don't really care about helping you with your foot problems!...", Serena, Physiotherapist - First Steps Podiatry Ltd , Cheadle

09 Jan 2023: " I used Monster Inflatables because they have lots of fun things to do for all ages. They have bouncy castles and soft play, so I can have a great time with my friends. I also like that they offer a ...", Tara, Health Care Assistant - Monster Inflatables, Chelmsford

09 Jan 2023: " I used this business because I wanted to get my iPad fixed! The technicians were so friendly and helpful, they even gave me a 5% discount because I'm an NHS worker. They were really experienced and ...", Carla, Medical Receptionist - HAD-IT (Huddersfield) Ltd, Huddersfield

09 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Linda and I'm a Health Care Assistant. I've heard great things about Moda in Pelle and their commitment to quality and service. Do you offer any discounts for NHS staff? Thanks!...", Linda, Health Care Assistant - Moda in Pelle, Leeds

09 Jan 2023: " I recently used End of Tenancy London to help me clean my apartment when my lease was coming to an end. I was worried that I would not get my full deposit back, but they helped me ensure that I got ...", Jasmine, Pharmacy Technician - Tenancy Cleaning London, London

09 Jan 2023: " Gaucho's Argentinian steak restaurant in Manchester is a unique dining experience. Located in a converted church, the stunning split-level dining room features an original church organ at its centre...", Karen, Medical Secretary. - Gaucho Manchester, Manchester

09 Jan 2023: " Pro-Fit Windows & Doors (Yeovil) Limited offers a wide range of products for consumers. They have windows, doors, and roofings in various styles and sizes. The company provides free surveys to help ...", Trevor, Pharmacy Technician - Pro-Fit Windows & Doors (Yeovil) Ltd, YEOVIL

09 Jan 2023: " Peacebeam is an awesome company that helps people who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. They have a bunch of meditations on the Insight Timer App that you can listen to with your headphones. The...", Tiffany, Medical Receptionist - Peacebeam Limited, Bristol

09 Jan 2023: " Wow, 247 Airports sounds like a great service! I'm so confused though, what is it exactly? Is it like a taxi service that takes you to and from the airport in South London? That's awesome because I ...", Samantha, Physiotherapist - 247 Airports, London

08 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. Smoke and Cured sounds like an amazing place to have a good time with family and friends! The garden produce and local ingredients sound delicio...", Shannon, Pharmacy Technician - Smoke and Cured Ltd, Ulcombe, Maidstone

08 Jan 2023: " I've been ordering flowers from Flowers Addington for a while now and I'm really happy with the quality of their products. They always have a great selection of fresh flowers and they deliver quickl...", Karen, Pharmacy Technician - Flowers Addington, London

08 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Jasmine and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. I recently stayed at Town or Country in Southampton and I was really impressed with the service they provided. The accommodation was great and t...", Jasmine, Pharmacy Technician - Town or Country, Southampton

08 Jan 2023: " Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. I want to thank you for the amazing service you provide by offering the NHS staff a 20% discount on all COVID-19 cleaning. It's such an incred...", Mackenzie, Pharmacy Technician - 2020 Property Maintenance Ltd, London

08 Jan 2023: " I think it's really great that GB Chauffeurs is offering a discount to NHS workers. It shows that they care about people who work hard to help others, and it's a nice way of saying thank you. I'm su...", Karen, Mental Health Support Worker - Gb Chauffeur, London

08 Jan 2023: " Hello, my name is Mandy and I'm a Community Mental Health Nurse. I think Edinburgh Property Maintenance is a great company because they provide lots of helpful services like 24hr Locksmith, Door ent...", Mandy, Community Mental Health Nurse. - SPPS Property Services, Edinburgh

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08 Jan 2023: " I'm Sara and I'm a Pharmacy Technician at a Healthcare in Brentwood. I love my job because it helps people stay healthy and feel better. Did you know that this Healthcare offers 10% off your first a...", Sara, Pharmacy Technician - Derek Climpson Acupuncture, Brentwood

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