04 Sep 2022 "I am eternally grateful to the NHS for their response to Covid and personally for the care me and my family have received over the years for cancer and multiple joint replacements, amongst other things! Thank you for all that you do often under such difficult circumstances." - Fitness Dynamics with Sam Horton, Carnforth

27 Jul 2022 "Thank you for all you do. Now, let us entertain you!" - Zippos Circus, Newbury

15 Jul 2022 "You guys really don't get paid enough. Keep saving lives, you mean more than you know." - Subscents, London

14 Jun 2022 "At Matthews Estate Agents we sincerely appreciate the hard working staff that keep the NHS ticking. Thank you for all that you do. " - Matthews Estate Agents, Birmingham

18 May 2022 "At this time our business Suport the nhs staff. I would like to offer a special discount when you all guys can have time to relax at some point. Get your wax done. Please don't be shy. The Best Male Waxing. Check on Google Waxing London - Angela " - ANGELA CARDOZO- MLD Therapist , London

27 Apr 2022 "Keep up the good work, you are all heroes in my eyes.. Paul at Alliance Security Installations Ltd" - Alliance Security Installations Ltd, Manchester

23 Mar 2022 "We would like to thank all NHS staff,for your commitment in these difficult times." - Branded-4U, Birmingham

22 Mar 2022 "Thank you so much NHS - my mum was a nurse and even in 'normal' times this is the most incredible job, as is any role in your profession keeping us well and making us better. To sustain the level of compassion and care you have at the most challenging of times is simply amazing, you are all amazing. Emma and Team x" - Emma Britton Decorative Glass Designer,

27 Feb 2022 "Thanks for all you guys do!" - Impact Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning, Dunfermline

15 Feb 2022 "Thank you for being so amazing. We would be lost without you." - Snagbuddy Ltd, Northampton

01 Feb 2022 "A huge thank your to everyone is the NHS who continue to support and drive our economy. Care Monitors UK is supporting the NHS back and feel blessed to be privileged with one of the best health systems in world. ??" - Care Monitors UK, Newbury

01 Feb 2022 "THANK YOU NHS" - S Line Taxis Grantham, Grantham

26 Dec 2021 "The Vapeholix company would like to express their gratitude to you all. You guys are truly heroes in this world, risking your lives to assist others during this terrifying time. We may write all the thank-you notes and cards we want, but it won't be enough to acknowledge your efforts — but it's the least I can do. You're one of the bravest and most honorable persons I've ever met!" - Vapeaholix ltd, Godalming

16 Dec 2021 "We wish all the hard working staff at the NHS a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! Thank you for all the hard work over the last 22 months. Stay healthy and safe!" - Single Parents on Holiday, Bromley

22 Nov 2021 "J C G Therapies would like to say thank you for the work you do particularly in these difficult, uncharted times when so much is being asked of so few. Again, thank you for what you do, it is appreciated. Jx" - J C G Therapies, Belfast

16 Nov 2021 "You are truly unsung heroes , absolute national treasure. Thank You for everything you do ! " - The Oldswinford Tandoori, Stourbridge

29 Oct 2021 "I wanted to write a thank you poem so went looking for inspiration, to get me in the zone, when I found a lovely poem called "18,000 Thank-yous". I skimmed through the poem, just to get a flavour, to the end and read that it was by Rebecca Boxall (2020), not a name I knew, but then I saw her job title and location - lead nurse for retention at Guy's and St Thomas, I nearly welled up and felt my throat tighten. This was a familiar name, which connected me to memories of my mum who received numerous treatments, check's and test's there as she battled several illnesses including cancer! This was one of several other hospitals where she was treated (she used to be a nurse so was not always an easy patient) the staff made her as comfortable as possible, she made some lovely connections, listened to them talk about their life and their problems, despite fighting her own battle (it's just who she was) and they even saved her life on more than one occasion, until that final time: our hearts broke that day. Thank you NHS for all your support and care. " - HypnoChange4U, Bristol

27 Oct 2021 "You all do a superb job , life would be much harder if it wasn't the work , hours , effort and patience you give us all , thank you ." - Marlborough Hotel, Shanklin

26 Oct 2021 "To all the amazing human beings who have worked hard to keep our local communities healthy and happy - we appreciate you and are so super grateful. Please also take time to look after yourselves - to keep us healthy you must be happy too! Thank You! FITNESStheory, Epsom, UK" - FITNESS theory, Epsom

21 Oct 2021 "Thank you for everything you do, have done, and continue to do! It’s heroic." - Suburban Pup Co, Edinburgh

21 Oct 2021 "You're all doing incredible work! Thank you so much - The Happy Shrub x" - The Happy Shrub, Crewe

20 Oct 2021 "Many blessings to all who toil to work and support those in hospital recovery!" - Gallery4allarts, Liverpool

19 Oct 2021 "A huge thank you to every single NHS staff member who has worked over and above every expectation. We would be in a very different place without you. Kindest Regards All at Animation Events LTD " - Animation Events LTD, Epsom

18 Oct 2021 "We support the NHS and all their efforts during the before, during and after the pandemic. You are all amazing!" - PODS Moving and Storage Manchester, Ardwick

15 Oct 2021 "A huge thank you for everything you're doing!" - Fitness Guides, London

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NHS Staff Comments

04 Mar 2023: " This company offers a range of finishes for products, including powder coating, cathodic electro painting, zinc rich coating, dip spin and phosphate and oil coatings. They can also provide OEM speci...", Dana, Medical Receptionist - Scott Clarke, Redditch

03 Mar 2023: " I came to this business because I wanted a place where I could relax and get some treatments done. It's really nice and it's in a private setting near Tatton Park so it's close to my house. They off...", Diana, Medical Secretary - Renovatio Clinic, Altrincham

03 Mar 2023: " I am really grateful that Instant Pest Solutions Ltd supports NHS Discount, as it is an amazing way to show appreciation for all the hard work of those in the NHS. It is a great way to help people w...", Rebecca, Pharmacy Technician - Instant Pest Solutions Ltd, Prescot

03 Mar 2023: " Wow! This company sounds like a superhero! They can make wet things dry and stop woodworm from eating all the wood. They can even make basements waterproof so they don't get too wet. Do they have an...", Dawn, NHS Mental Health Support Worker. - Keith Rennie, Hawick

03 Mar 2023: " Hi, my name is Molly and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. I recently visited Health and Wellness in Uxbridge and had a great experience. The treatments were really affordable and the staff were really fri...", Molly, Pharmacy Technician - Uxbridge Massage, Uxbridge

03 Mar 2023: " I'm a physiotherapist and I recently used Morgan H Lewis Estate Agents in Wigan to help me buy a property. They were really helpful and gave me lots of advice about the buying process. I was also pl...", Gina, Physiotherapist - Morgan H Lewis Estate Agents, Wigan

03 Mar 2023: " Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm a pharmacy technician. I used Foundation Surveyors to help me figure out what changes I need to make for my rental property. They gave me the best advice about party wall adv...", Tiffany, Pharmacy Technician - Foundation Surveyors, London

03 Mar 2023: " I recently used Aston Gray to help me find a new home and I was really impressed with the service they provided. They were very knowledgeable about the local area and gave me great advice on what to...", Irene, Health Care Assistant - Aston Gray , High Wycombe

03 Mar 2023: " I used Burton Computers for computer repair services because they offer an NHS discount and I heard from friends that they have great customer service. They also provide quick diagnosis and affordab...", Mackenzie, Pharmacy Technician - Burton Computers , Burton-on-Trent

03 Mar 2023: " If you need help with your roof, then you should check out this roofing contractor in Dundee! They do all kinds of roof repairs, replacements, and even skylight installations. Plus, if you're an NHS...", Jenna, Physiotherapist - Dundee Roofer, Dundee

03 Mar 2023: " This company in Bristol is great for anyone looking to get new flooring, furniture or homeware. They have a wide selection of real wood, LVT and laminate as well as vinyl, carpets, underlay and safe...", Dana, Physiotherapist - Kustom Floors and Furniture Ltd, Bristol

01 Mar 2023: " I'm Cecilia, an NHS Physiotherapist. I recently had the opportunity to visit Grange Counselling in St Helens and was really impressed with their services. They offer affordable professional counsell...", Cecilia, NHS Physiotherapist - Grange Counselling, St Helens

28 Feb 2023: " Hi everyone! My name is Rosa and I'm a Pharmacy Technician. I'm so excited to be here at Big Hair + Beauty! They have amazing products that are perfect for afro and curly hair. I love that they don'...", Rosa, Pharmacy Technician - Big Hair + Beauty, London

26 Feb 2023: "thanks for sharing...", Masd, good - OvO game, london

25 Feb 2023: " Health in Melksham is a great place to go if you want to improve your health. They offer Skype consultations with Dr George Touliatos, who is an expert in bodybuilding and medical care. He helps peo...", Nina, Pharmacy Technician - Inside Bodybuilding - Health Clinic , Melksham

25 Feb 2023: " Hi! My name is Roxanne and I'm a Healthcare Assistant. I'm so excited to be part of this awesome Affiliate network in London that offers exclusive discounts for NHS staff! It's such a great way to s...", Roxanne, Healthcare Assistant - Tradedoubler, London

23 Feb 2023: " I'm writing this review to tell people about the great service I received from Electrical Engineering Solutions in Larkhall. They offer a really good deal for only 37p per day and they don't have an...", Tiffany, Pharmacy Technician - Elec-Check, Larkhall

23 Feb 2023: " 3D Autokeys is a business that helps people with their car locks. They have vans and mobile technicians that can come to you if you live within 50 miles of Nottingham. They help people in lots of di...", Xavier, Pharmacy Technician - 3D Autokeys, Nottingham

23 Feb 2023: " This company is in a place called Rugby and it's really far away! I'm so mad that I have to go all the way there to get a bouncy castle!...", Kelsey, Pharmacy Technician - Bounce R Us, Rugby

23 Feb 2023: " I've heard about K B Decorating Services from a friend and I was impressed by the quality of their work. They offer professional decorating services in Holland Park and can transform any interior or...", Jasmine, Receptionist - K B Decorating Services holland Park, Northolt

23 Feb 2023: " This store is so cool! It's located in Bury, which means you don't have to go far to get your hands on some awesome laptops and PCs. Plus, if you work for the NHS they even give you a 15% discount -...", Ella, Medical Records Clerk - Combro Technology Ltd, Bury

21 Feb 2023: " I'm so angry! I heard about this childcare and it sounded like a great place for my little one. But then I found out that there's a 50% off registration fee for NHS workers, and I'm not eligible for...", Meredith, Nursing Assistant - Kiddy Kapers Daycare, WIGSTON

20 Feb 2023: " I recently used Rustic Ribbons for some of my medical records projects and I was really pleased with the quality of the ribbon. The prices are very reasonable too, and they offer an NHS discount of ...", Ursula, Medical Records Clerk - Rustic Ribbons, Norwich

20 Feb 2023: " I am writing this review to let people know about the great service I received from Optical Glasses Reglazing in Heywood. As an NHS Physiotherapist, I was delighted to discover that they offer a 10%...", Uma, NHS Physiotherapist - Reglaze Specs, Heywood

20 Feb 2023: " I'm Nina, an Occupational Therapist and I don't like Switch Networks! You said you'd help but you won't even give NHS workers a discount. That's not fair!...", Nina, Occupational Therapist - Switch Networks, Malton

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