from businesses to NHS Staff

12 May 2020 "Brilliant work please keep helping the Nation" - Impact App Ltd, Odiham

12 May 2020 "Thank you so much for doing a very important job and giving of yourselves over and above the call of duty. Stay safe." - Livet Cottage Holidays, Tomintoul

12 May 2020 "THANK YOU ALL for your amazing work & dedication in these difficult times. You continue to deliver care & support to those in need for which we applaud you all. " - Hickleys Ltd, TAUNTON

12 May 2020 "Thank you so so much to all the NHS staff not only the nurses and doctors on the front line but to all the staff behind the scenes ensuring the NHS is ticking over smoothly. We will all be forever grateful for how brave you have been and how much stress and worry you must have been going through going back to your family every day. You are our heroes. " - Pink Blossom Weddings, Halifax

12 May 2020 "Thank you very much all the NHS staff and carers out there helping millions of people in this difficult time. Apex Cars Tunbridge Wells. " - Apex Cars - Airport Taxis & Executive Cars, Tunbridge Wells

12 May 2020 "Thank you for everything you have done, for saving lives, and for being there for us. I wish I could do more for you, and I will do what I can. God bless you all. Love you all. Cliff" - DJC Entertainment, Buntingford

12 May 2020 "Thank you so much for your bravery working in hospitals at this difficult time. True inspirations. Be strong and stay safe you amazing beings!! " - Resolve Laser Skin Clinic, Bournemouth

12 May 2020 "Well done everyone of you for your great work. It’s harder for you being at the front of this pandemic see what actually is going on, you all deserve a medal. Thank you from David Hitchen at Elite Performance Sports Massage." - Elite Performance Sports Massage , Wigan

12 May 2020 "Everyone at Kingsbourne windows and doors would like to thank you all for you efforts and sacrifices so that we can be safe .You are all angels and you need to know we really do appreciate everything you are doing for us, our families and friends ." - Kingsbourne windows and doors limited, Bedford

12 May 2020 "The strength and bravery everyone is showing is awe-inspiring. The strength to keep going, day after day. Your bravery in putting others first. What has become your norm is seen as incredible by the rest of us. We're all so thankful. The Kentish Soap Company" - The Kentish Soap Company, Sittingbourne

12 May 2020 "A Big Thank You to all NHS staff, you are doing an amazing job and it is very much appreciated. Perfect fit in Keynsham have always gave support & offer 10% to all NHS staff. Say Safe everyone 50lingerie." - Perfect Fit, Bristol

12 May 2020 "The NHS have always been heroes it’s a pity that it’s taken a World Pandemic for them to get the recognition they deserve Let’s hope the British government always hold them as highly after this time has passed ?" - Byrne Video Productions, Portglenone

12 May 2020 "Thank you NHS staff for risking your life for us !! L&R cleaning service team " - L&R cleaning service, Kingston upon Hull

12 May 2020 "All at Pearce Bros AutoRentals Ltd wish you: All a HUGE THANK YOU for all you hard work and dedication." - Pearce Brothers AutoRentals Ltd, Bristol

08 May 2020 "Thank YOU! I'm sending you Love and Light!" - Angeharmony, London

06 May 2020 "I'd like to express my sincere thanks to all NHS Staff and Teams across the country far and wide. For your continuous love, care, compassion and dedication within the local communities and keeping our world safe, saving thousands of lives for our loved ones and for being there as we are not able to be. You truly are ALL wonderful and thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Take good care and thank you again Mel x" - Healing Hands of Crosby Massage & Light Therapy, Liverpool

06 May 2020 "Words are not enough for the appreciation for all of your hard work, dedication and care for people in this trying time. You are inspirational people!!!!! " - Battery Centre ltd, swansea

05 May 2020 "To all the hardworking lovely nurses and doctors and staff in UK hospitals, All our gratitude for your dedication and hardwork, you are indespensible, wish you well and stay safe :) Medica Health International Team" - Medica Health International Ltd, Burnley

04 May 2020 "A Massive Thank you to all NHS Staff who continue to put their own lives at risk on a daily basis helping others. I have family who work within the NHS and its a constant worry - You are all Heroes and without you we would be totally lost From all at Hi Energy Health Club we applaud you ???????????????????????" - Anderson, Keighley

03 May 2020 "Atlantic Cars would like to thank the NHS Staff for the great work on the front line saving people with COVID-19. We appreciate your sacrifices and all us of here show deep gratitude and respect for the lives you have saved. Thank you very much NHS." - Atlantic Cars Reading, Reading

02 May 2020 "My family and I greatly appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you make every day - I hope I can help give a little happiness back in return." - Liz Bishop Photography, Norwich

01 May 2020 "Thank you for all your hard work and looking after the world !" - Le Raaj, Chester Moor

01 May 2020 "The team at 360 Restaurant & Crowne Plaza London – Kingston would like to say THANK YOU to our NHS staff for all the sacrifice you do in our fight against COVID-19. No words can truly express our sincere appreciation for risking your lives daily for our community and our people. We would also like to extend our gratitude to your families and loved ones. Stay safe and healthy, we are with you every step along the way!" - Crowne Plaza- London Kingston, Surbiton

01 May 2020 "My daughter is a front line nurse at The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. I send a heart to her and all her colleagues within the NHS throughout the UK. Take care and stay safe, we at Plumbtec 24 are extremely proud and thankful to all of you." - Plumbtec 24, Glasgow

01 May 2020 "You were all amazing before this awful virus started and you will be double amazing when we all come out on the other side. Please keep safe. We have released our video in support of all keyworkers. This is a song of hope and we hope you all enjoy it:-" - London Community Gospel Choir, London

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