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Bassetts House Broadwater Gardens
Orpington, Kent, BR6 7UA
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Bromley Primary Care Trust (PCT) is a healthcare provider in the London Borough of Bromley. It provides primary care services to over 400,000 people living in the borough. The PCT is responsible for commissioning and providing health services, such as GP practices, community health services, mental health services and public health services.

The PCT works closely with local GPs and other healthcare professionals to ensure that residents receive the best possible care. It also works with local authorities and voluntary organisations to ensure that all residents have access to appropriate healthcare services. The PCT also has responsibility for planning and delivering public health initiatives such as smoking cessation programmes, sexual health campaigns and obesity prevention initiatives.

The PCT has a range of performance indicators which it uses to measure its success in meeting its objectives. These include measures of patient satisfaction, quality of care provided, waiting times for appointments and cost effectiveness. The PCT also monitors how well it is meeting its financial targets by monitoring income from NHS contracts and expenditure on staff costs.

The PCT works closely with local GPs to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. It also runs a number of projects aimed at improving the quality of life for residents in Bromley, such as providing support for those suffering from long-term conditions or mental health issues. The PCT also runs an advice line which provides information about local healthcare services and signposts people towards relevant support networks or charities if needed.

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