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Shift patterns, stress and trying to squeeze life in around long hours can play havoc with your sleep. And you need to care for yourself to best care for others. HeadRest is a voice controlled smart sleep solution that uses clinical level sleep technology usually only found in expensive sleep labs to ensure you get the best sleep wherever and whenever you need it. It was co-founded by a long serving member of the NHS - and we think you deserve better. HeadRest will be available to buy on Indiegogo from Tuesday 5th November. RRP is $499 / c. £385 but - to make sure it lands in the hands of everyone who most needs it - NHS staff have access to an exclusive ‘secret’ price of just $199 / c. £153. Availability is also strictly limited so please don’t delay. You can access the NHS exclusive discount here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2554377/x/22530704?secret_perk_token=ebd4e546 or click the Visit Our Website button below.

About Us

Sleep is the most powerful restorative and performance enhancer on the planet . . . from memory consolidation to your sex drive. Most of us need to be getting more, especially when working in the NHS, where caring for others often comes before caring for yourself. HeadRest is a comfortable, lightweight, modular sleep solution which uses biometric sensors to measure brainwave frequencies via electro-encephalography (EEG), heart rate and blood oxygenation via pulse oximetry and movement via a 3D accelerometer. HeadRest’s cutting edge, onboard processing capabilities then combines real-time date from each sensor and, in conjunction with the uniquely designed algorithm, accurately recognizes what stage of sleep you are in. HeadRest then helps you design your sleep: • Get to sleep quicker – Tell the app about your day (including what you’ve eaten, drunk, or whether you’ve exercised) and HeadRest’s unique AI learns from this data to build a personalized ideal pre-sleep routine, whilst also playing unintrusive white noise to help you drift off quicker; • Sleep better - HeadRest prolongs and deepens deep (restorative) sleep by playing microsecond bursts of low-level pink noise, with the option of streaming your own music if that’s what works best for you; • Wake refreshed - Set a time window that you want to wake in and HeadRest’s smart alarm will predict the best possible point to wake you in your sleep cycle, with the option of massage or music / tone alarms; • Power nap option – you decide how long you’ve got to rest and HeadRest’s unique algorithms assess either when you are about to enter deep sleep then wake you before that, or allow you to complete a full cycle depending on your preferred duration of sleep, meaning you’re always woken at the optimum time; • Sleep apnea monitoring - HeadRest measures blood oxygen levels throughout the night, with user options to interrupt sleep where blood oxygenation drops below pre-set, potentially dangerous level; • Voice-controlled app - HeadRest’s voice-controlled app ensures you can avoid screen time before sleeping whilst allowing you view your sleep data in an easy to understand format and provide you with bespoke sleep recommendations (including proven relaxation and brain training techniques) to help you continue to improve your sleep. Thanks for taking the time to read about HeadRest - here’s to sweet dreams !


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