Stafford Tuition Centre

Unit 6 Ferranti Court, Gillette Close Stafford United Kingdom ST18 0LQ

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5% discount per tutorial session (Each session is £29 and lasts 80 minutes)

About Us

Stafford Tuition Centre is a popular education Centre that first opened its doors in July 2014. Since then our fully qualified teachers have worked with hundreds of students (aged 6-16) to help them develop the right knowledge, skills and mindset needed to become successful, confidence learners; not just in school, but in life! We offer professional tuition in English, maths and Science and we also support students who are preparing to sit entrance examinations. We offer an initial free meeting assessment with parents/carers and students who would like to begin tutorials with us. Each tutorial lasts 80 minutes and our experienced tutors plan each student's individual lesson in advance. Our modern, well resourced Centre is based on Staffordshire Technology Park, off of Beaconside in Stafford and easily accessible. If you would like to book a free assessment, please contact the Centre.


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