CrossFit RNA

Unit B1 Button End Cambridge United Kingdom CB22 7GX
01223 665 981

About Us

At CrossFit RNA Cambridge Ben Weatherley and Scott Cooke share the same enthusiasm for fitness and helping to create a better movement system for clients. Moving in a better way and with more strength means attaining a better quality of life. Over the years our clients have found out that we are different from your average gym instructors. We believe in movement first and creating a good solid foundation from which capacity can be built. We train our clients using techniques which the body was initially built to perform, squatting, climbing, lifting, and jumping. This is a little different to what your average gym is providing, however this is how we see fitness, be fit for your sport……your sport is everyday life. Instead of getting clients to sit on machines and have someone tell you what to do, we program workouts that are fun, challenging and designed to improve your movement. There are a number of benefits to this style of training, improving mobility, increased work capacity as well as helping to decrease the chances of injury and helping to promote a better way of life.


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