Alexander Technique for All

3 West Moor Lane Heslington York United Kingdom YO10 5ER

NHS Discount:
For a limited period I am offering NHS staff a 20% discount off an Introductory Lesson, when you book to have a block of three subsequent lessons.

About Us

For NHS staff who want to change poor posture when at work. Poor posture can cause back, neck or other joint pain, and make work- life uncomfortable and miserable. NHS staff, from those who work at computers, or push trolleys, to those who deal with bedridden patients, or operate on patients in theatre, etc. are often working under great strain for long periods. Alexander Technique guides you to recognise and change unconscious postural habits that contribute to discomfort and pain in the workplace. You learn to deal better with stress and avoid putting such strain on your body when working for long hours.


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