Access Bars, Reflexology and Reiki by Marie-Ange from Wellbeing Salisbury


NHS Discount:
Book two sessions of either Access Bars, Reflexology or Reiki for a total of £ 75 (initial session at £50 + second session at half price). Then 20% on subsequent sessions with Marie-Ange.

About Us

If you need a light-touch, pampering and yet profound experience after a stressful day or shift, why not try Access Bars, Reflexology or Reiki? Access Bars is a nurturing and relaxing process during which you can let yourself drift whilst I work gently on 32 specific points around your head, forehead and temples. When these points are gently held, your body starts to relax, your mind chatter is reduced. Unlocking the energy stuck in those points promote better sleep, reduction of stress and anxiety. For people wanting to be pro-active in maintaining or improving their wellbeing, I also offer bespoke sessions in Wilton and Salisbury. These sessions normally combine a main modality such as Reflexology, Massage, Alexander Technique, Backcare Management with Dru Yoga or Reiki with the sharing of self-help techniques: these techniques promote good posture, flexibility and strength as part of a stress or pain management programme. The cost of the treatment is usually £ 50 for an hour but is dependent on the amount of time spent and not the modalities used. Other modalities include Ear Acupuncture, Ear Candling, Meditation techniques, Dru Yoga and Laughter Yoga. Marie-Ange has over 20 years' experience in the field of holistic medicine. She is fully insured and professionally trained in the modalities she offers, She is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki on a one-to-one basis on request. Home visits are also available for disabled people or people unable to travel. Wellbeing Salisbury is the one-stop space to regain vitality and joy for body and mind.


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