Face Matters

Medway House 5 Linden Close Tunbridge Wells United Kingdom TN4 8HH
01892 890610

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About Us

Face Matters is an award winning luxury skincare brand with proven independent results. A simple 5 step complete process to anti-ageing. As we age our skin loses elasticity and collagen, causing lines and wrinkles to form and so stimulating collagen and nourishing with active ingredients is the key to maintaining a healthy youthful complexion. All Face Matters’ products share one essential ingredient; pure organic silicon derived from the natural mineral silica (Si). Not to be confused with synthetic silicone. Silicon is the third most abundant trace element in the human body and is abundantly prevalent as a protein within the skin. If our body has enough silicon then the collagen stimulated will keep our skin looking youthful, so building up silicon levels is essential as we age. How does it work? Every beauty expert will tell you that you can’t just apply some collagen cream and expect it to go deep into your skin because the molecular structure is too big plus it degrades easily, making it difficult to work with. The organic silicon in each Face Matters product has been adapted (the hydroxide group of molecules is replaced by a methyl group) and this provides the silicon molecule with properties that allow it to be absorbed into cells. It is this deep absorption which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin naturally within our skin. The silicon has been synergistically blended with highly active botanical oils, all carefully chosen with care and attention to the needs of ageing skin; rich in vitamins, fatty acids and GLA to nourish and revitalise. Independent skin trials have been carried to substantiate our claims and to give our consumers a reason to believe in the brand. A staggering 95% of women who completed the trials said they would recommend to a friend: “My skin has never felt so good. I have already been showing my friends the products. I think they are amazing. I could tell the difference after the first day of using them.” “Since using the Elixir I’ve stopped wearing foundation so it must be good!” “I was exceedingly amazed at the effectiveness of all products. Skin was left less dry, more luminous, wrinkles less prominent and thread veins less visible. Easy to use and guaranteed results. I would highly recommend these products!” “I absolutely LOVE my anti-ageing Elixir! It’s beautiful!” Catherine Tyldesley, Actress “I have fallen in love with this brand as it is so easy to use and gets results instantly. My skin feels flawlessly soft already.” Sarah Parish, Actress


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