Crowborough Wing Chun

United Church Croft Road Crowborough United Kingdom TN6 1HA

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About Us

Crowborough Wing Chun is part of Wing Chun–UK, teaching Wing Chun, the southern Chinese self-defence martial art, based on adaptability, speed and directness. The system is specifically designed for modern-day self-defence and we teach using both traditional and contemporary training methods. Although very sophisticated, the system is taught in a structured and logical way, allowing students to adapt gradually to the new ideas. The clear syllabus will help you track your progress and understand the logic of Wing Chun from day one. As training goes on, you will become stronger and faster, improve your coordination and body awareness, and feel more confident and better able to defend yourself. Wing Chun is also mentally stimulating and is a great way to change your focus after a stressful week. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy (and benefit from) learning Wing Chun together. A key feature is adaptability of the techniques to the capabilities of the user, and to the movements and physical size/strength of an attacker. Correctly applied, Wing Chun does not depend upon brute force or high levels of physical fitness or flexibility. We aim to make classes friendly and inclusive, with plenty of interaction between students of all levels, ages and sizes. Lessons are structured to reflect the students’ different capabilities, levels and learning styles as much as possible, so as to help each student find their own best path.


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