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Fine art, Commercial and Wedding Photography. 1:1 Photography tuition courses in the Staffordshire Moorlands and Peak National Park. If you have an advanced compact digital camera or a digital SLR, but feel you aren't getting the best from it and would like to learn how to realise your and your camera's potential, then I can help.... With the aid of comprehensive, easy to understand, self written course notes, I will guide you through the jungle of jargon and help you understand all the necessary skills required to take and make beautiful pictures good enough to hang on the wall of an art gallery. All aspects of digital photography can be covered - from switching on the camera to printing the finished image. Topics Include: Getting to know your camera - all of those complicated menu options and controls explained. The Creative Zone - Moving away from the comfort zone of automatic shooting, and into the Creative Zone. Take control of your camera - learn how you can be in control - not the camera. Composition and framing - a jargon-free explanation of where to point your camera Making The Difference - How composition makes the difference between a "snap" and a piece of fine art. Basic rules of composition - these are explained, and when you can break them. Lenses and filters - choosing and using. Benefits Comprehensive, easy to understand, self written course notes All aspects of digital photography are covered The theoretical side is fully explained with manual and camera in-hand. This is followed by practical in-the-field photography of a variety of subjects. Theory is further explained during the practical part of the session. Photography is outdoor based. Aim Of The Course The aim of the course is to provide all the basic skills required to continue to take better pictures. At the end of the session, you will have a selection of pictures worthy of printing and framing for wall hanging. ***NEW*** An introduction to Adobe Lightroom This is a brand-new course written in the same easy-to-understand language as the One-to-one photography course. It is intended as a logical follow-on to the existing course and is specifically aimed at photographers shooting RAW, who aren't quite sure why (!). Shooting RAW is the best way to preserve all the image information captured by your camera's sensor - JPEG compression discards vital image data, which is then lost forever. This course will guide you through a logical, step-by-step workflow - from import, through the develop module, to export of the finished images. If you are used to bumbling your way around Photoshop and want to find a better workflow, Adobe Lightroom - and this course are the ideal solution.


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