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Buy a course of 12 Hypoxi Therapy sessions and we will give you 6 additional sessions free of charge and then a further 10% NHS worker discount...when you show your NHS badge!

About Us

LOSE A DRESS SIZE IN A MONTHBoth our hypoxi systems have been featured on GMTV by presenter Lorraine Kelly, This Morning and T.O.W.I.E.One targets the HIPS, BUTTOCKS and THIGHS (Cellulite), the other the stubborn fat around the STOMACH. Hypoxi therapy is used by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams, Katie Price, Kerry Katona and Madonna. No one has to live with their spare tyre, because now for the first time in the history of body treatments there is an active therapy to tackle the problem of belly fat with the help of an innovative device - the Vacunaut.People with a predisposition towards holding excess weight on their hips and stomach will have colder skin in those areas, therefore, for fat to be burnt off in these areas it is important to increase the skin temperature and circulationThe Vacunaut consists of a vacuum therapy with an integrated fat activation system as well as a control column for exact control during the gentle therapy. Aerobic exercise in the vacunaut suit guarantees that fatty acids from the stomach and hip areas specifically are used for energy production by a network of 122 chambers in the suit which can produce both low and high pressure.First of all the low pressure sucks the blood into the affected skin and fat tissues where it is enriched with the required amount of fat. The change from low to high pressure accelerates the transport of the fat enriched blood to the muscles exercised. When it arrives the fatty acids are burnt off as fuel for movement. In this way 80% of the fat breakdown occurs in the stomach and hips.


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