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On-line coaching. Four life-coaching sessions for £40 (typically 45-60 minutes), plus free no-obligation half-hour conversation at the start to see if I'm the right coach for you. This offer applies until 30/9/22.

About Us

Overwhelmed, not sure where to turn? Needing impetus or a sense of direction? Maybe life is great on the whole, but there's an area that doesn't feel like it's quite as great as it could be. Or perhaps you're feeling a little lost and need to find some purpose. It may feel like a mid-life crisis, or perhaps it may be more like a number of little things that you can't quite put your finger on, which, combined, leave you feeling unfulfilled, stuck or under achieving. Sound familiar? You wouldn't be alone. More and more people are engaging coaches to deal with the big life issues - like work/life balance, procrastination and impostor syndrome - or big life events - like changing jobs or career paths - or the seemingly niggly little issues, like not spending enough time on your hobbies . It's all about making it happen! (Although we might need to find out what the 'it' is first!) At times the coaching process will be fun, at times challenging and occasionally a little scary. However, it will always be moving forward, with your end goal in mind. Coaching is all about change. It's about moving towards being the best you! ? And remember that you set the agenda. I don't work to a pre-determined plan. Every single coaching session is different, driven by your needs and requirements. Areas where we can work together: •Life-Work balance •Mid-life crisis •Motivation •Personal growth •Exploring options •Clarity •Overcoming fear •Goal and target setting •Accountability I am currently training with the Animas Centre for Coaching, and hope to soon have their Accredited Diploma in Transformative Coaching, on the path to being an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.


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