Kleaner Korners

Busk Meadows, Sheffield, S5 7JH, South Yorkshire Busk Meadows United Kingdom S5 7JH

About Us

Kleaner Korners is a reputed and renowned cleaning company providing cleaning services for residences and commercial spaces in South Yorkshire. We are cleaning specialists and we consider it our responsibility to provide a safe and germ-free environment through our services. The services that we provide include domestic cleaning, office cleaning and commercial cleaning in South Yorkshire. At Kleaner Korners, we care for your properties as much as you do. Thus, we make use latest and most effective cleaning techniques and equipment to provide you with high-quality domestic cleaning and other cleaning services. Whether it is about cleaning your bedrooms and kitchen or about cleaning a restaurant that you own, we clean all types of commercial and residential areas in South Yorkshire. Some places require everyday cleaning and some can go well with one-day, deep cleaning. We can assist you with the cleaning service that is suitable for your property.


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