Virustatic Shield

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About Us

Virustatic Shield is the ground-breaking reusable, washable, easy-to-wear snood with anti-pathogenic action. The face covering is designed with a bioactive filter material which binds and disables pathogens on contact. It is laboratory proven to capture up to 98% of aerosolised influenza viruses and is the perfect option to protect NHS staff outside of work. Its revolutionary protein coating, Viruferrin, developed as a result of 10 years of work by UK biochemists, mimics the body’s natural immune system to trap and disable viruses and is perfect to shield individuals and protects others. The face covering can be worn for up to 200 hours and washed up to three times, offering more wear time than the normal disposable face masks which are only recommended for four hours. Its snood design also makes it easy to use for users with it being possible to quickly pull the protection up and down and continue to wear around the neck. Also, the Virustatic Shield design has another feature that will protect wearers more than any other ‘homemade’ mask or face covering. As the Shield provides a tight seal and contours the face, it will prevent the escape of virus-laden fluid aerosols. In addition, because the product is hydrophilic and breathable, there is a low pressure drop and therefore users do not get an ingress of virus around the sides and edges of the snood. With moderate wear, one Virustatic Shield covering should last around 30 days and its light, breathable, flexible fabric that seals critical viral infection points such as the nose, mouth and ears makes it comfortable and suitable for everyone.


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