David Postlethwaite

2 Rydal Street Gateshead United Kingdom NE8 1TT
0191 440 8649

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Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy using hypnosis to focus your imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to your thoughts, feelings or behaviour. Unlike counselling, psychotherapy or psychology which would involve exploring many issues in a conscious state, hypnotherapy usually focuses on one issue and works with the subconscious. However, this doesn't mean you lose control or that you can be made to do or think things you don't want to. At all times during the Hypnotherapy you will remain in control and although extremely relaxed, you will be able to talk or get up and turn off the CD if you want to. Many issues can be helped through hypnotherapy such as giving up smoking, phobias, weight loss and confidence issues. Hypnotherapy usually only involves a short course of treatment, with only a few sessions needed to help you live your life the way you want to live in it. There are different avenues and levels of training for hypnotherapists. Some hypnotherapists will have undertaken quite extensive training, but others may only have done quite short courses. Great care should be taken when choosing a therapist! My Qualifications I have extensive training including, PhD Psychology, BSc Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy and Counselling, Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am a full member of the Hypnotherapy Association and am fully insured through SMG. I run a successful practice in the Northeast of England where I regularly accept referrals from Doctors and other health professionals.


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