Zumba NXG

All Saints Community Centre 105 New Cross Road London United Kingdom SE14 5DJ

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About Us

Feeling Unfit? Hate The Idea Of The Gym? Bored Of Your Normal Routine? Like The Idea Of Feeling Fitter, Happier And Healthier By Having Fun Dancing In A Group Class? Want To Spend Your Evening Doing Something That You Enjoy and Makes You Feel Good? Book your FREE taster class with Imogen at Zumba NXG by going to: imogenlees.zumba.com/free-class and using promo code NHS1 ***There are limited number of free spaces left this month, book now so you don't miss out!*** In your free taster class you will: -Get a fun full body work out -Get some time for yourself to escape your day-to-day - Do something good for yourself –Meet some friendly welcoming people - Burn 100s of calories - Learn fun new routines -Realise that being co-ordinated is not a requirement and that there is zero judgement on whether or not you get the moves "right" - Discover a new hobby -Feel motivated and energised by the awesome atmosphere of working out and dancing in a group -Get a big boost of endorphins Not sure what to expect? Melissa came for a free taster class in January and this is her story: “I had just moved to a new area so lost all my local yoga, zumba and exercise classes. I found it hard to find classes that suited me that I enjoyed and felt comfortable taking part in. I was also slightly unhappy with my situation, I wasn't exercising or releasing any endorphins so I felt sad. I wasn't happy with my figure and wanted to tone up. I found this class and it not only gave me a great opportunity to exercise again, it gave me the opportunity to meet people and feel more positive.... and have fun!! I had an apprehension about what it would be like compared to my last zumba class which I loved for 7 years as I knew the steps and felt confident in the sessions. The classes are incredible! Imogen has so much energy and enthusiasm it helps keeps the spirits up in class. She's always so positive and helps everyone in class feel confident and ensures everyone is involved and having fun. The steps are hard to learn to begin with but the more you attend the classes it gets easier and she repeats steps so people, like me, who struggle to learn new steps, can learn them in the end. The class is fast paced which means you know it's working! I always feel energised after Imogen's classes and feel like I've had a good work out. The music is fun, entertaining and the songs are current and enjoyable. This happy and fun class is good for the soul as well as the figure!" To book in go to: imogenlees.zumba.com/free-class and use promo code: NHS1


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