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Details: The natural product colostrum stimulates the body's immune defense via the proline-rich peptides (PRP) and can thus protect against many viral infections. But is colostrum also suitable to protect humans from being infected with the current corona virus?

Colostrum against the coronavirus

Colostrum is the oldest known natural remedy, which was already used at the time of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt against numerous diseases and infections of bacterial and viral origin.

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The antibodies (immune factors) contained in colostrum can inhibit a wide range of respiratory diseases and even protect people with an immune deficiency from viral infections. The highly complex ingredients in colostrum naturally act unspecifically and should therefore be able to effectively combat and contain genetically highly variable viruses, such as corona viruses, in my view.

Human coronaviruses are particularly important in humans as pathogens from mild colds to severe acute respiratory complaints. Compared to the well-known flu waves, the previous coronavirus pandemic is still very light at the moment. Because flu viruses in particular are among the most dangerous pathogens at all.

Nevertheless, the handling of the novel corona virus is characterized by some uncertainties. The exact transmission routes have not yet been fully clarified. And due to the fact that the virus can be transmitted within an incubation period of up to 2 weeks before the infected person has any symptoms, I believe that the potential risk of widespread spread is significantly increased.

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In the case of more severe viral infections, such as the "classic" flu, it is specifically the immune factors contained in the colostrum that can already prevent them from entering the airways. And especially the colostrum of cows has a 40-fold higher concentration of these relevant antibodies compared to human colostrum.

Bovine colostrum can also be administered orally without any problems because the activity of the immunoglobulins is not significantly impaired by the human digestive juices.

Based on the research results mentioned above, in my opinion bovine colostrum can help to offer completely natural immune protection against many viral infections. And thus possibly also before the new type of corona virus.

Stay healthy.

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