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Free No Obligation 30 Minute Online Coaching Call to discuss your goals to take you from Exhausted to Energetic.

About Us

I am a Herbalife Nutrition Coach, who is looking to work with Health Care Professionals, to take you from Exhausted to Energetic. As an ex NHS Member of staff myself, I understand the pitfalls we can fall into. Rushing to work and often not having breakfast, as you have children to get to childminder's or parents (if you're as lucky as I was). Once in work, it's all go from the minute you walk through the door. You're lucky if you get a drink. Or perhaps you stopped on your way through and bought a coffee and a muffin. Is that really going to give your body the nourishment it needs for the day! Plus of course, your metabolism is already starting to slow down because you've not eaten anything yet, so hence that coffee and muffin to keep you going... except of course, it does the complete opposite. No sooner have you eaten it and you feel lethargic and are probably looking for something else to eat. Well I'm here to help you get your balance of nutrition right first thing in the morning and keep you on track for the rest of the day. It's so difficult to stay on track with all the birthday's, cake, sweets and gifts off patients etc. As ex NHS employee who re-trained after leaving the NHS this is why I feel it is important to give back to NHS Staff. You all spend so much time caring for everyone else, you often forget to look after you. So I'm here to help you. Contact me today to book your Free No Obligation 30 Minute Online Coaching Call to find out how I can help you and then you can decide if you wish to work with me. It also gives me a chance, to see if you are ready to make those lifestyle changes with ongoing help and support from me, inclusive in the cost of your programme.


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