Big Bang Lab

18 -20 Rosendale road London United Kingdom SE21 8DX

NHS Discount:
We offer 10% discount to NHS clients for the 12 week programme and further 20% discount on year subscription to the sound archive website. In terms of the video insight and consultancy services, we offer a commission discount pro rata depending on the number of sessions booked and the period to be discussed on a case by case basis.

About Us

Insight consultancy services. We provide creative training and participatory research services using video with the user of services at the centre to enable the design of services and feedback of patients with the aim of producing internal video channels. We also have developed a creative mindfulness training and workshop, Humming in Harmony tailored to employee wellbeing which uses vocal harmonies in small group sessions to improve wellbeing and communication amongst employees in a holistic and participatory way, focused on the use of sound as a healing practise in a non-dogmatic to develop creativity and open communication at the workplace and to learn how to deal with conflict and stress. The focus on istening awareness and the social aspect of this practise make it unique. We are creating a community of users across various sites. Following a training period of 12 weeks the group activity is self-regulated without the need of use of verbal language or a leader, the recording of each sessions are shared by the members who are subscribed to a channel to being able to share at home or practise whilst travelling or commuting or during break times. By collecting the evidence from the users we will be able to tailor to their needs and to provide evidence to commissioners about the impact of Humming in Harmony on communication and wellbeing.


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