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NHS Discount:
Please see the website for current course fees on the 'Book Now' page. I am offering a 10% discount to NHS Staff/Health Staff Discounts card holders. This discount will be shown on the balance invoice for the course and I will need you to provide a code on online enrolment and/or produce your card when commencing the course.

About Us

Hypnotherapy training to Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy level (Dip.AH) This is a GHR and CHNC accredited Professional level course for current or intending hypnotherapist practitioners whether practising commercially or as an adjunct to medical, nursing or dental practice. The original use for hypnosis was for healing purposes and this continues today either in the field of physical or mental health. Clinical hypnotherapy courses have helped dentists to deal with dental phobia, needle phobia and other problems encountered when performing dental surgery, e.g. excessive bleeding, healing rate improvement and with patients who are nervous, frequently encounter gagging difficulties which makes the surgery much more difficult if not impossible. Medical usage can range from wounds and burns healing more quickly to pain relief of all descriptions. NHS staff/Nursing staff sometimes feel they can do more with hypnotherapy which they were unable to do for patients under a purely medical model and for that reason the number of nurses who have been on this course amount to 33%. This is not to say that their training as a nurse was incorrect or inadequate but often more can be done quickly and effectively with clinical hypnosis training. Self-hypnosis training is given on this course to instruct others to do it and can be invaluable in the treatment of pain and other medical problems such as cancer.


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