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NHS Discount:
123 Legal Assist recognise that many NHS workers will utilise cars or bicycles as a means of transport both too and from work as well as for pleasure and time with the family. It is therefore important to ensure that NHS workers have simple, convenient access to legal assistance as and when required that is tailored to your requirements. The Motoring Legal Assistance plan offered by 123 Legal Assist is designed to assist NHS motorists by providing free access to legal advice, replacement vehicles to get you back on the road and access to medical rehabilitation treatment to ensure that you are back on your feet as quickly as possible. Similarly the 123 Legal Assist Cyclists Plan provides the benefits of medical treatment and a replacement bicycle as well as legal protection to ensure that legal costs are covered and that you are protected if you are involved in an accident. For NHS staff we are able to offer lifetime protection through our: Motorists legal protection which we offer completely FREE OF CHARGE by calling 0800 652 1237 and quoting NHS2013 - a saving of £25.00 each year. and 123 Legal Assists Cyclists Cover by calling 0800 652 1237 and quoting NHSCYCLE, a saving of over £50 per year.

About Us

Many consumers each year pay around £25 for a legal protection product that is provided by their insurer and is often provided as part of a car or home insurance quote. These policies provide legal expense cover but often the client discovers that the protection is centred on assisting the insurer rather than the consumer. 123 Legal Assist provides a range of protection products that are designed to assist motorists, families, employees and consumers. The protection products are provided directly to the individual and allow clients access to free legal protection in the event of accidents, family legal problems, consumer rights and in employment disputes. Through our protection products we are able to provide clients with cover that is centred solely on their needs and these are provided at no cost, saving an average client £25 on their car or home insurance policy. Our cover is tailored to our clients requirements, for example our motor clients may require a replacement vehicle or access to therapy through rehabilitation and these are provided as well as free legal advice from the first phone call. Our product range is constantly evolving to meet our clients needs and we have recently extended our product range to now also offer full legal protection to cyclists as well. This enables cyclists to access full legal protection as well as access to medical assistance and replacement cycle cover.


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