ghost walks of Bath

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NHS Discount:
The adult price for the walk is £7, but we offer a discount to staff with a NHS DEAL CARD, at the student rate of £5 per head NOT VALID FOR THE HALLOWEEN WALK.

About Us

GHOST WALKS OF BATH. 2011. Quote from Magazine “Ghost Voices” This Is a prestigious and successful Ghost Walk. It scores heavily as they are a real ghost walk with no staged tricks, no costumed actors leap out at patrons, no weird noises, nothing artificial. The walk is purely atmospheric, with real sensations and an awareness of the reality of Psychic Phenomena. The walk was started in 1974 with a very Psychic lady in Bath, called Margaret Royal who discovered certain areas of Bath had powerful psychic overtones. To verify to herself that was not deluding herself she sent her findings to the Psychic research unit in London who sent down three mediums. They were not briefed as to what she had felt but they experienced for themselves all that Margaret had been aware. On investigation as to why this was so powerful, they eventually came to the conclusion that this particular part of Bath has 3 active powers working on it. I will not reveal it all in this article but just to say that, Stonehenge, Druid Power and Ley Lines are involved. On the ghost walk they retrace the steps of Margaret and when they reach this haunted area Lay people with no psychic training but with the right guidance can experience for themselves the reality of the supernormal. To show how confident they are they encourage patrons to take photo’s (digital) at this spot and numerous times they do photograph orbs. One night some sceptical Venue Magazine reporters joined the ghost walk incognito but having found out for themselves that we were right they duly printed a glowing report on what they had experienced. It is a long article but here are some headline comments. “Quote” from Folio Magazine 2011 The script of the theatrical lady was more dramatic then all of our contemporary soap operas combined. The Ghost Walk doesn’t rely on cheap thrills offered by pre-arranged special effects or well dressed actors dressed as ghouls to provide the drama. It doesn’t need to, Malcolm is an expert guide and consummate raconteur offering intensely atmospheric entertainment. But the ghost walk isn’t merely “entertaining”. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but the encounter that awaited our group in the park – the undisputed highlight of the tour –was spine-chilling (literally!) and somehow incredibly moving, resulting in an eerie, unforgettably unique experience. “Unquote”


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