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About Us

Tea2You are a specialist purveyor of fine teas, and we are proud to bring you the finest Darjeeling varieties direct from the best tea gardens of the Indian sub-continent. All of our teas are ethically grown and sustainably sourced from gardens in Darjeeling and packed with utmost care to deliver the perfect tea drinking experience. Each of our teas have been sampled and carefully selected by tea taster and Tea2You owner, Ratan Mondal, to ensure that only the best crop is procured in UK and sent over to other countries. Ratan travels to the plantations to source the teas in order to maintain traceability and to ascertain authenticity. He works with a plethora of small/medium tea farmers in order to promote sustainability. We believe in the sanctity of pure teas and, therefore, make every conceivable effort to retain its originality. The European Commission has registered Darjeeling Tea as a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) product - the first commodity from India to get such a tag. The teas grown in Darjeeling are organically treated with a mixture of cow dung, ginger and chili to repel pests naturally. This gives the tea the best growing conditions and keeps chemicals out of the food chain. All of our teas can be re infused 2-3 times due to their low tannin (tannin is what gives tea the bitter taste, so with our tea there is no need to use milk or sugar) content largely contributed by natural conditions where it is grown, 6,000 feet above the sea level. Based in Borough Market, near London Bridge in the heart of the British capital we have been selling the finest teas to the people of London and visitors from all around the world for over ten years. This gives us a good sense of what people’s palettes are suited to, so we can make suggestions to them. But we are often surprised and are always learning new things about how people enjoy tea across the globe. We take pride in giving our customers a well-rounded experience by providing them with tea-tasting knowledge including education on the fascinating history of the tea trade, as well as on the production processes. We are also keen to see our customers using their tea economically, by using only the little amount required, and reinfusing the leaves three times, saving resources and reducing wastes. We also encourage people to use their infused tea leaves for compost, and promote sustainability. Our moto is “let’s live in harmony with tea”. Tea2you supports St Mary’s School in Darjeeling by selling tote bags in store, of which all proceeds go to supporting the school so that it can continue to provide education for the children of tea garden workers in Darjeeling. We cater a ‘suspended tea’ system where a cup of tea may be paid for in advance by one customer, and can then be collected or redeemed by another, who may not be able to get a hot drink themselves. We also donate 100g of Assam tea once a week to SOAS University, to go towards their newly established free meals program. We support many charitable organisations, including HERA (Her Equal Rights and Autonomy) which “works with women survivors of trafficking, conflict and other forms of violence and young women vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation, to pursue their aspirations and ambitions for a better life”.


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