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NHS Discount:
We're proud to offer a 10% discount on our 8 week Personal Training programme that's the perfect solution if your goal is fat loss and you prefer the complete attention of your instructor. Alternatively if you'e looking for a more budget friendly option and you're happy to train in a group of like-minded individuals then our 4 week Body Transformation Bootcamp is right up your alley. As a member of the NHS you can save a massive 33% by receiving an extra 2 weeks of training in our Bootcamp for the same price. If you'd like to know more about us then just click the link below.

About Us

Hi i'm Gary, founder of Shapeshifters and I help busy NHS professionals totally transform their body in a time-frame that most Personal Trainers will deny is possible. Now I know your social media feeds are inundated with 'Body Transformation Programmes' promising life-changing results, but the truth is; very few (if any) can actually deliver on their bold marketing claims. I say this because I've seen what other programmes have to offer and I know for a fact that Shapeshifters clients; eat more, train less and achieve better results in less time than with any other Personal Trainer in Birmingham. I know this because we regularly pick up clients from other 'Personal Trainers' who are left out of pocket and feeling like they've wasted their time, effort and energy and still have nothing to show for it. But this isn't about what other 'Personal Trainers' do wrong, it's about what we do right! And we get it right by helping over-worked and over-stressed NHS professionals solve the lifestyle problems that are keeping them trapped in a feast-famine cycle of diet and exercise. So if you're the type of person who appreciates a highly efficient, personalised approach that goes way beyond 'eat less and move more', then get in touch, because I'm confident I can help.


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