Bedfordshire PCT

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Gilbert Hitchcock House 21 Kimbolton Road
Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 2AW
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Bedfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) is a public health organization that provides healthcare services to the people of Bedfordshire, England. The PCT was established in April 2006 as part of the National Health Service (NHS). It is responsible for providing and commissioning primary care services such as GP practices, dentists, opticians, pharmacies and community health services. It also works with local authorities to ensure that residents have access to appropriate social care services. The PCT has a range of objectives including improving access to primary care services, reducing health inequalities across the county and ensuring that high quality care is provided for all patients. In order to achieve these goals it works closely with local GPs and other healthcare professionals as well as other organisations such as voluntary sector providers. The PCT also has responsibility for managing public health campaigns in Bedfordshire which aim to raise awareness about important issues such as smoking cessation, healthy eating and physical activity. It also runs a number of initiatives designed to improve the mental wellbeing of residents in the county including stress management courses and mental health support groups. In addition, Bedfordshire PCT works closely with its partners in order to provide better integrated care for patients across different settings such as hospitals, GP surgeries and community-based facilities. This includes initiatives like shared electronic patient records which allow healthcare professionals from different organisations to view up-to-date information about a patient’s medical history quickly and easily. Overall, Bedfordshire PCT plays an important role in providing quality healthcare services for residents across the county while striving towards its vision of ‘improving lives through better healthcare’

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