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Forrester Hypnotherapy, EDINBURGH

EDINBURGH Offer - 20% on all sessions
As a clinical hypnotherapist I use proven techniques of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and combine them with hypnosis to...

Forrester Hypnotherapy, EDINBURGH

EDINBURGH Offer - I can offer hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety via zoom or send out a MP3 recording for pure relaxation.
I practise solution focused hypnotherapy in two private clinics in Edinburgh and now work online with clients via Zoom. I usually work with clients suffering with anxiety, phobias and OCD but...

Serenity Central Hypnotherapy, Falkirk

Falkirk Offer - 25% discount for 1st two sessions, applicable for all standard sessions. 15% discount for stop smoking session.
Utilising Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMI+, CBT, Inner Child Therapy, etc to help client cope with their issues, such as Losing Weight, Stress / Anxiety, IBS, Stop Smoking, Alcohol Addiction, Gambling,...

David Postlethwaite, Gateshead

Gateshead Offer - 10%
Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy using hypnosis to focus your imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to your thoughts, feelings or behaviour. Unlike counselling,...

Mindcoach Hypnotherapy, Glasgow

Glasgow Offer - STOPPED TRADING DUE TO RETIREMENT December 2015 Overcome anxiety, lose weight easily and stop smoking are just some of the many ways you can make your life better. You can call now for a free no...
Fast effective powerful results. SPECIAL OFFER £50 off gastric mind band. Trusted caring professional. Established 2004.

The Wight Relaxation Room, Glasgow

Glasgow Offer - 25% off any programme
Johan specialises in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) which involves hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Put very simply it helps you to change your thinking consciously...

The Hypnotherapy Works, Glasgow

Glasgow Offer - 20% Discount to all NHS staff!
STOP SMOKING IN ONLY ONE HOUR! Extremely high success rate! Also fears, phobias, exam nerves etc. ...... Eric Fraser D.Hyp, GQHP, GHR (Reg)

The Wight Relaxation Room, Glasgow

Glasgow Offer - We would like to offer 25% off standard price of treatments
The Wight Relaxation Room offers treatment for many issue including stress, anxiety, phobias, weight loss, hypnosis for childbirth, stop smoking and much more Our aim is to help you live a better...

LD Hypnotherapy, Gloucester

Gloucester Offer - 20% of session fees for NHS staff. Always includes FREE initial consultation.
Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy for a wide range of symptoms including weight management, stop smoking, phobias and fears, anxiety, emetophobia, OCD and much more.

R J Campbell Hypnotherapy, Hastings

Hastings Offer - A 10% Discount is offered to all NHS staff. Please quote NHS10 when contacting.
R J Campbell offers Hypnotherapy and Mind related Therapy for a wide range of Psychological and Emotional issues to People in Demanding Jobs who need to be at their very best especially people in...

Trance for a Change, Hinckley

Hinckley Offer - My normal hourly session price is £60.00. If you work for the NHS I can currently offer a reduction to £40.00 per session.
If you feel like you want to create a change in your life - like lose, weight, or stop smoking, I can help you to make transformations with clinical hypnotherapy. I am able to help with a wide...

frank mccaughey, Hornsea

Hornsea Offer - £50 per session

redbridge hypnotherapy, ilford

ilford Offer - 10%
Therapy to help patients give up smoking, loose weight, cope with stress, anxiety, gain confidence, overcome phobias etc

Holistic Paths Hypnotherapy, Isle of Sheppey

Isle of Sheppey Offer - 10% of all sessions or packages.
Welcome to Holistic Paths Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Holistic Paths is a dedicated, sincere, experienced practice run in Sheerness on Isle of Sheppey in Kent. My name is Pam Richards & I have...

Liam Dent Hypnotherapy, Keighley

Keighley Offer - Priority bookings. Free initial no-obligation consultation. 10% off the normal price for therapy bookings.
Helping you to: Deal with issues. Overcome fears and Phobias. Reduce physical and emotional Pain. Change unwanted behaviour patterns. Continue the self development journey. Improve your...

Transforming Health, Kingston-upon-Thames

Kingston-upon-Thames Offer - 10% off sessions
Transforming Health specialises in helping clients to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, phobias, stress and stress-related conditions, such as insomnia and IBS. Help for stopping smoking and...

Howard Davies Hypnotherapy Woking, Knaphill, Surrey

Knaphill, Surrey Offer - Normal Session fee for Counselling/Stress Management and Hypnotherapy is £45 discounted to £40 for NHS staff.
I offer a broad range of one to one confidential services. With over sixteen years of experience as a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. I specialize in Stress Management and have taught counselling...

Headingley Healthcare & Hypnosis, Leeds

Leeds Offer - Undeniably, work in the NHS can be stressful and during the working day, there is often no time for you, as you take care others needs, often foregoing your own. To survive in the NHS, it is...
Hypnotherapy can help with stress-management, confidence building, balancing work-life commitments, performance anxiety e.g. public speaker & mastering OSCE style exams, stress reduction, and...

Gbhypnosis, Leeds

Leeds Offer - 20% discount on the hourly fee of £60. NHS staff pay only £48
Hypnotherapy is a safe and very effective means of addressing a wide range of issues including phobias, weight loss, stop smoking, anxiety and insomnia. Our one to one sessions are tailored...

Shaun Purdy Hypnotherapy, Leeds

Leeds Offer - I offer discount on all session. For NHS staff all session are available for £40. A reduction of £25 on regular sessions and over £60 for stopping smoking and weight management.
Offering help with stress and anxiety, stopping smoking or reducing weight. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to managing life's many challenges. With hypnotherapy you can access your...

Beds & Bucks Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Clinic, Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard Offer - Free Initial Consultation and 10% off Individual sessions
Our clinics in Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard provide a professional service from an Advanced Hypnotherapist and UKCP Registered, Accredited, Psychotherapist, whether you're looking for help...

Catherine Daycock Hypnotherapy, Liverpool

Liverpool Offer -
Anxiety, anger, bad habits and many more are the scenarios that we want to get rid of at the earliest. I am Catherine, a hypnotherapist with academic background. This helps me combine...

Regency Hypnotherapy, London

London Offer - 25% off your session with a HARLEY STREET HYPNOTHERAPIST! Offer available for Skype sessions only! Check out our testimonials for more information.
What's holding you back from being the best version of yourself? Whether it's a fear of public speaking, anxiety, weight issues, smoking, a phobia, addiction, insomnia, limiting beliefs or just...

Hypnotherapy - Jakub Tencl, Ph.D. MHS Accred, London

London Offer - 10% to all services

Kelly Anne Buckley Hypnotherapy, London

London Offer - NO DISCOUNT
Kelly Anne Buckley is a highly experienced hypnotherapist, who, with the aid of various techniques in hypnotherapy, provides the most appropriate solution to the anxiety-ridden patients. Kelly has...

Eating Matters, London

London Offer - I am offering a 25% discount. This means you pay £45 instead of £60 per session.
Working with women who want to change their self-sabotaging eating habits, I can help with overeating, food cravings, binge eating, unhealthy eating habits, secret eating, comfort eating and...

Hypnotherapy Lowestoft, Lowestoft

Lowestoft Offer - Session prices - 15% discount for NHS staff:- Single sessions: £42.50 per session (Usually £50)- sessions approx 75 to 90 minutes. Smoking Cessation: £102 (Usually £120) -1 off session of...
Looking to take back control of your life? If you are looking to take back control of your life by dealing with issues such as stress management, anxiety, fear's, phobia's, pain control, panic...

Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy, Lowestoft

Lowestoft Offer - Free telephone consultation. 10% discount on all Hypnotherapy programmes with valid Health Staff Discount Card. Call Katina on (01502) 587 341 or 07847 552 390 to find out how I can help you.
If your life is out of sync, change the way you think. Hi, I'm Katina Chapman and I help people to think differently. I run Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy, part of the Spiral of Light group of...

Catalyst Coaching & Hypnotherapy, Luton

Luton Offer - 20% off individual sessions.
I provide tailored solutions to tackle the issues or challenges that may be hindering your progress whether in health, work or socially; these could include low self-esteem/confidence,...

Maidenhead Hypnotherapy Centre, Maidenhead

Maidenhead Offer - NHS staff will receive a 10% discount on any session fee on presentation of the health staff discount card.
Tina Reibl is the consultant hypnotherapist at the renowned Bridge Clinic where she offers offers NLP based counselling and hypnotherapy. Tina has 30 years of therapeutic experience and is...

The Hypnotist , Manchester

Manchester Offer - 20% off any therapy course taken Please quote code nhs20% when booking via the website or by telephone
Robert Hisee the Hypnotist Man offers treatment to help cure/alleviate many issues including anxiety, fear of flying, weight loss using a hypno gastric band, better mind set for playing sports and...

Hypnosis Studio, Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Offer - 10% off all sessions with a valid NHS discount card.
Specialising in Anxiety-related disorders and weight loss. Fully insured and Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy, Member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. The Hypnosis...

Mirfield Hypnotherapy Centre, Mirfield

Mirfield Offer - 20% Discount on all regular hypnotherapy sessions (Excluding Hypnoslimmer). Free Initial Consultation 1 Free additional hypnotherapy session on the Hypnoslimmer programme
Our experiences in life shape our behaviours and sometimes lead us to form coping strategies. Our subconscious mind is always watching out for us, processing our life experiences and modifying...

Wyse Therapy, Newark

Newark Offer - 20% discount for our wonderful NHS staff
Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT, Stress Management, Life Coaching

Hart Hypnotherapy, Newtownabbey

Newtownabbey Offer - I offer an exclusive NHS discount of £50 discount when 4 sessions are pre-paid.
If you're struggling with stress, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias or sleep issues then I can help. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope. Maybe you spend all your time helping others...

Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy, Northwich

Northwich Offer - Free consultation and £10 off every therapy session.
Hello my name is David, Are you having trouble with sleep or anger outbursts? Sleep is wonderful, when you get enough of that truly restful sleep you will feel on top of the world. But maybe...

Caroline Huish Hypnotherapy, Nr Bristol

Nr Bristol Offer - 10% discount fee
I am a professional and experienced full time Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in The Old Rectory Clinic in Iron Acton, South Gloucestershire. The clinic is conveniently situated...

Caunce Hypnotherapy, Paignton

Paignton Offer - 20% off all therapies
Do you suffer from anxiety related conditions, phobias or fears, insomnia and sleep problems, or just find it difficult to relax? Do you want to stop smoking or lose weight? I can help with these...

Platinum Hypnotherapy, Parkstone, Poole

Parkstone, Poole Offer - 25% off any session or course of treatment.
Friendly, effective Hypnotherapy based in Poole. Free consultations. Evening and weekend appointments are available. All therapy courses are individually tailored to suit your needs. Lose weight,...

Curative Hypnotherapy, Peterborough

Peterborough Offer - I offer all NHS staff a discout off my normal price Please tel: 01733 768839 Quoting Ref: NHS2012
Amazing new easy way to lose weight Hypno-Slimming Programme includes a free Hypnotic Gastric Band worth £150. Stop smoking in just one hour with Hypnosis. Stress Management Programme Hypnosis...

Jenny West HYPNOTHERAPY, Petersfield

Petersfield Offer - 20% discount on your hypnotherapy session.
I have worked with staff from the NHS and understand how the combination of shift work, unhealthy snacks and irregular eating and sleeping patterns together with the demands of the job can...

Lester Savage Hypnotherapy Plymouth, Plymouth

Plymouth Offer - 25% off all sessions
To reduce stress, regulate emotions and increase confidence. Hypnotherapy could be an excellent solution. Lester Savage is a Clinical Hypnotherapist that specialises in stress related conditions.

Matthew Cahill Hypnotherapy, Plymouth

Plymouth Offer -
An Amazing Insight into the Scientific World of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. To learn more about hypnotherapy and many more facts, visit our website. Our Services:- Hypnotherapy...

Matthew Cahill Hypnotherapy, Plymouth

Plymouth Offer -
An Amazing Insight into the Scientific World of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. To learn more about hypnotherapy and many more facts, visit our website. Our Services:- Hypnotherapy...

Matthew Cahill Hypnotherapy, Plymouth

Plymouth Offer -
An Amazing Insight into the Scientific World of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. To learn more about hypnotherapy and many more facts, visit our website.

Tiffany Armitage Hypnotherapy, Plymouth

Plymouth Offer - 10%
Sometimes in life things can get on top of us and we struggle to cope. Hypnotherapy helps you cope with whatever life has in store for you. Reducing anxiety and excessive worrying improves your...

Hypnosis for Health, Poole

Poole Offer - We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on all therapy; plus a special relaxation CD for all smokers (worth £10.00), in addition to the 10%.
Hypnotherapy can help in so many ways - whether it is to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, helping to combat Phobias, Unwanted Habits, Insomnia etc; Boosting Confidence and helping with Anxiety and other...

Mind Your Head-Hypnotherapy, Portadown

Portadown Offer - £10 off normal hourly rate per session- £40 discounted to £30
In era, made more pronounced by the pandemic, of ever-growing mental health awareness and research recognising the inseparable link between our mind and body, the psychological, emotional and...

Fox-Davies Therapy LTD, Ramsgate

Ramsgate Offer - 10% discount on all fees - including special packages
I offer Clinical Hypnotherapy helping to achieve your personal goals for change and development from stopping smoking, anxiety and weight control, to improving your birth experience. I...

Venus Coaching & Therapy Services, Reading

Reading Offer - 10%
I specialise in helping women benefit from the amazing results that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy™ can provide. My tailored, private consultations are...

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