Shiatsu, Acupressure and Massage

33 West End Hebden Bridge United Kingdom HX7 8UQ

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20% DISCOUNT (1 hour session normally £45, £36 to NHS staff)

About Us

Shiatsu is a hands on bodywork therapy which originated in Japan. Japanese medicine has its roots are within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Making contact with a receivers Ki ( life force energy) it is possible to perceive imbalances, the blockages and the build up of Ki. By using palm and thumb connection the along our energy channels (meridians) shiatsu works to clear the flow of our life force energy. Areas where we feel stuck in our life, be this physical, emotional, mental or our connection with our spirit or soul, shiatsu can help shift, open and move us forward. It is a fully clothed treatment and generally a very lovely supportive therapy. Shiatsu is wonderful at supporting people through changes in life, such as parenthood, grief, menopause, relationships, jobs or home.


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