Jissen Karate

Chobham Community Centre McMahon Close, Windsor Road Chobham United Kingdom GU24 8NG
07856 888192

NHS Discount:
2 additional free classes to start (so 4 rather than 2) and £ 5.00 per class rather than £ 7.00 per class (with a free additional 1 hour class for yellow belts and over).

About Us

Beginner and advanced karate classes for all and Muay Thai training sessions for adults. The style of karate we teach is (Seiki Juku) kyokushin karate based. A no-nonsense style of karate taught by an instructor with over 30 years experience (with 19 years experience training in Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) so this is very much applied karate training). We train to defend and fight back to the best of our ability in situations we would have rather avoided in the first instance.


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