BodyTalk Healthcare

13 Beeches Walk Carshalton United Kingdom SM5 4JS

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About Us

The BodyTalk System is an amazing, natural, energy healthcare system that assists your body to heal itself. Whether you have physical problems, emotional scars, psychological issues or need your energies balancing, BodyTalk may be just what you are looking for. BodyTalk is consciousness based energy medicine that assists your body to heal itself. Addressing your whole life story and by dealing with the causes behind the symptoms,it releases:- anxiety behind traumas, old belief systems that no longer serve you and suppressed emotions, thus neutralising disturbed energy in the cells of the body. This means that pain disappears, attitudes change and you can reach your full potential. BodyTalk uses biofeedback from the body's own intelligence - the innate wisdom, to discover the most important techniques needed to get your body talking. Implemented using a gentle tapping of the head - waking up the brain to process information found and tapping of the chest - storing and updating the changes in the body. It is totally safe and can do no harm. I am fully insured. I enjoy working with people and The BodyTalk System gives me the ability to help people to live a better life. I am constantly amazed at the results BodyTalk achieves. I see many people being transformed, to lead more fulfilling lives. I am happy to answer your questions, please feel free to call or email me


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