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Go From Fatigued to Flourishing in Six-Weeks or Less! Are you stressed, anxious and feeling permanently fatigued? Is your perfectionist streak demanding more of you, telling you off for not being fast enough, smart enough or organised enough? Do you always say yes to things for fear of upsetting people even if you don’t actually have the time or inclination to help? Perhaps you spend those quiet times in your day worrying about what others may think of you Maybe you feel like you've lost all confidence in yourself, there always seems to be something holding you back I’m Sarah, Founder of The Emotional Health Coach Academy and creator of Flourish, a self-coaching audio course for overwhelmed and exhausted midwives and nurses who want to reclaim their inner brilliance so they can go from feeling fatigued to flourishing in 6 weeks or less. I believe that all nurses, midwives and NHS staff are amazing but can clearly see the demands of the profession along with a personal drive to do you absolute best in a fractured system, whilst dealing with day to day stresses of life can cause even the most passionate and caring of natured people to become fatigued. Sometimes those feelings of fatigue can become so strong that life becomes a struggle, hard to recognise ourselves. Our passionate and caring nature gets lost under a need to survive a shift. This makes us feel we aren’t good enough. That those in our care deserve better. That we can’t cope. It makes us compare ourselves to others and makes us feel inadequate. Does this sound familiar? Fatigue sets in. Confidence starts to dwindle, self-doubt and indecision take a hold Leading to mental, emotional and physical exhaustion You may feel compelled to leave a career you've always felt called too but fear in doing that you'll lose a massive part of yourself This can lead to further anxiety, stress, overwhelm and eventually burnout Suffering from fatigue happens when you spend too much time looking after others and not enough time taking care of yourself It's a common occurrence for nurturing souls like you who work in caring professions and feel uncared for, undervalued and overlooked Fatigue plays on the kind and caring side to your nature mostly affecting those who regularly feel duty-bound, actively taking on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others Compassionate people are often quick to berate themselves and can become their own harshest critics. Their internal dialogue is often unkind and unsupportive. They can tend to feel out of control mainly because they are spending to much time focused on resolving things for others - even when they've not been asked to! I want you to know that if you're feeling like this it’s not your fault and that you’re not alone. I am contacted every day by nurses, midwives and NHS workers who are struggling with the exact same issues and looking for a solution Maybe you’ve tried other therapies, counselling or medication in the past which helped in the short term but you still feel stuck. Are you ready to change your life? Imagine waking up each morning with a spring in your step and bounce in your heal ready for the day ahead Imagine spending your days thriving rather than surviving Imagine standing tall in your personal power promoting positive change in a career you love Imagine maintaining healthy work life boundaries building strong relationships in all areas of your life Imagine being an inspirational role model to your peers, students and people in our care Imagine being an inspirational role model to your peers, students and people in our care Imagine being able to help and support your family, friends and colleagues to take care of their emotional health too and stop those negative cycles. Flourish is my six-week self-coaching audio course proven to get phenomenal results, FAST. It'll teach you techniques and self-awareness strategies that will not only transform you professionally but positively impact every other area of your life. With results that will remain long after the sessions have finished. RECLAIM YOUR PASSION & JOY Feel comfortable in your own skin and have the confidence to shine your own light as a unique and competent midwife Embrace your personal influence to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Rekindle your passion for nursing and midwifery, bring joy back to your life without sacrificing your authenticity and autonomy Stop looking for validation from others that you are doing well or are good enough Be able to put your head on the pillow at night and enjoy a restful sleep without reviewing the day with a fine-tooth comb Feel calm, in-control and self-assured, bring the joy, passion and enthusiasm back into your career Ready to Flourish? A self-coaching programme that’ll make you feel bigger, bolder, braver & shine brighter than you ever dared to imagine possible. What you'll get: Instant access to the Flourish! Self-study programme Audio lessons that you can listen to it on the go Broken down into bite-sized chuck to fit neatly into your day Exercises to help you consolidate & implement what you've learned Easy step-by-step directions taking you through the foundations to flourishing Learn. Apply. Grow. Flourish!


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