NHS Discounts Categories Beginning with R

Category links are based on category tags provided by businesses registered to offer NHS Discounts.

Removals company     Restaurant/cafe     Retail jewellers    
Retail clothing     Removals storage     Rubbish    
Roofing contractors     Restaurant and cocktail bar     Rubbish clearance    
Removals and storage     Roofing and building     Restaurant with rooms    
Relaxation     Renewables     Reflexologist    
Retailer     Restaurant/bar     Retail shop    
Roofing services     Retail fashion     Roofing    
Racecourse     Removal company     Resin bound driveways    
Removal services     Restaurant and takeaway     Riding school    
Restaurant and take away     Roofing service     Renewable energy    
Restaurant/pub     Removal     Rubbish removal    
Roofer     Restaurant and bar     Reiki    
Resturant     Recreation     Restaurant / cafe    
Roofers     Real estate     Riding centre    
Removals     Restaurant/hotel     Roofing company    
Recording studio     Restuarant     Resaurant    
Residential lettings     Removalists     Restaurant / bar    
Roofing contractor     Restaurant bar     Removals and transport    
Restaurent     Rugs     Removals services    
Restaurant/takeaway     Restaurants     Restaurant and hotel    
Rubbish removals     Removals service     Repair    
Reflexology     Retail furniture     Recruitment    
Retail     Real estate agents     Riding schools