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Online community for NHS staff

Midday Meetup

Great ideas start with a spark... share them and watch them glow

I noticed there was a lack of online meet-ups during the day… so I wanted to create something which would help people stop scrolling, step back from the laundry or nip out the ward at lunchtime for some fresh air and good conversation over zoom.

I’d be delighted to hear your feedback here or join in any Wednesday at midday

It's free and hosted on which is an established social media platform, bringing people together and offering online community events.

Here's a sneak preview of one of the online discussion topics I’ve posted…

Everything is not alright with the world

'This my dear, is the greatest challenge of being alive: To witness the injustice of this world, and not allow it to consume our light'.

This week’s topic of discussion needs no introduction. We are reminded of the worry in the world in every new headline that intrudes with its bright yellow 'breaking news' backdrop - begging to shine out above all the rest when really it happens all too often, dull and dreary, floating around our subconscious, labelled 'it is, what it is'. 

Its no wonder that 'loneliness' is now seen as an ever-increasing marker of the effects of the modern world. Our loads are heavy, we worry that our worry will worry others, and so we keep smiling and shining along with the breaking news headlines - absorbing them silently and to ourselves. Join in the discussion to share your breaking story - even if it is just that your toast fell buttered-side-down this week, its newsworthy to us.

Claire Owen Claire Owen
Published 07/06/2022 18:53
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