NHS Staff Clever Coffee Deal

 Feb 28, 2021

Free 3 Day Clever Coffee Sample for NHS Staff 


The Clever Coffee company are a drinks brand that aim to improve your health and wellbeing through their blend of 11 Bio-Optimised ingredients. The manufacturers claim that their capsules create a range of immediate results including easing brain fog, improving fatigue, enhanced focus, managing and maintaining weight, and giving an overall boost to your immune system to alleviate cold and flu symptoms year-round. Their Clever Coffee capsules allow you to make your coffee as usual, but with added benefits that are powered through their scientific research of herbs and natural resources that allow you to have these supposed results from a single cup. They also have Smart Capsules that work in the same way to the Coffee Capsules but are an alternate flavour with the same ingredients. These can be swallowed on their own or placed into a different drink of your choice to instantly 'enhance' it. Alongside this, the brand have introduced a 'Defend' capsule that they claim works specifically in boosting your immune system and keeping your body at its peak performance year-round, with the manufacturers laying claim to it making a substantial difference within cold and flu season to allow you to be at your best without being dragged down by the seasonal illnesses. 


Health Staff Discounts have partnered with Clever Coffee to allow NHS Staff to grab a free 3 day sample of their Clever Coffee or Smart Capsules to see what they think of the drinks and their supposed benefits, leaving feedback for other staff members regarding their experience. These can easily be claimed by Key Workers by texting the word 'SAMPLE' to +44 7723 461 383 or by visiting the Clever Coffee website and filling out the request on their page and submitting which choice you would like from the options available. Once the 3 days have passed, the brand will contact you to see if you received any benefits from their products and gather feedback for future improvements and potential new offers. To claim your free sample, click the button below. 



*Disclaimer: Health Staff Discounts can't vouch for any of the claims made by the manufacturers or any results or side effects of the products*

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