An Ode to the Brave and Dedicated NHS Staff

 Dec 03, 2022

The NHS, it's true, has staff so great
But their pay is low, and it's hard to relate
Their work is so hard, and their hours so long
Yet the pay they receive is often so wrong

It's a national shame that their wages are small
And it makes it hard for them to stand tall
For they give so much of their time and their care
Yet they're not rewarded with money to spare


It's a travesty that the NHS can't pay
What its staff deserve on each and every day
For they work so hard and they do it with pride
And their low pay should not be allowed to abide


It's time to take action and make a change
And ensure that NHS staff get a fair wage
For the work they do is invaluable and true
And they deserve to be paid what they're due.

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